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Sexuality Do you know what a real man is? Things have changed quite a bit since the days of the manly men like John Wayne, Chuck Norris, and Clint Eastwood. These days, men are almost expected by women to be more in touch with their emotions, and dare I even say it, their feminine side. Wow, do you agree with this guys? I see a big problem here, let me explain further. You see, for one thing real men lead, they dont follow. And they sure as heck dont follow a woman even if they are forced somehow to follow someone (ok, in the military you have to follow sometimes). What else does it take to be a real man? You know where a real man stands, because he will tell you. Most of the time, you dont even have to ask, he will just tell you how he thinks about something. Notice I didnt say how he feels, hes a man, and men think. Got it? The only time we feel is when a knife has been thrust into us. And no, we dont cry about it. We pull it out and look for something to stop the bleeding. Or die, which is just as manly. So what are the signs that you may be in need of some guidance in the manliness department? Well guys, if you spend more than 5 minutes dressing yourself in the morning, you may want to rethink your manliness quotient. If you have to check with your woman every Saturday night to see if its ok to go out with the boys drinking, again, check your manliness quotient. Im not saying that real men dont appreciate women, of course we do. In fact thats one thing real men love more than life itself, is the .pany of a fine woman. Just so long as she doesnt try to control him in any way, take away his beer/whiskey, impose a curfew on him, or make him wear a pink shirt. Anything a woman does to sissify a man with the intention of embarrassing him is totally uncool. Besides, a real woman only wants a real man, so she knows better than to do that stuff, right? This brings me to my final point, which is how women are constantly saying that there arent any real men left. Pardon me, but bull hockey. Women say this as if it were true, but they really want the best of both worlds. You guys know what I mean they want you to be a man, but by the way can you make sure you are here at exactly 7:00 tonight? Yeah, sure. Then they want to go see some girly chick-flick, and when you dont want to see it they get all pissed off. And not to mention they criticize everything we do as if were the crudest, most ignorant people on the planet. Drink out of the bottle? You bet I do, honey. Im a real man, so if you want some, theres a glass but dont expect me to use it. Lets face it ladies, were different than you. Were not as emotional, and its not a defect ok? We have been hunting meat and protecting the women and children since the days of cavemen, and our biology is still pretty hard wired. Be happy we learned how to fix your .puters and cars, ok? Were good at that stuff, because they are both necessities in life. We dont need to vent our emotions, thats what sports are for. And beer, for that matter. You see were pretty simple, because we like it that way! So if you want a real man, then be a real woman and stop .plaining about us, ok? About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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