Help Yourself Give Up Smoking By Trying An Electronic

Quit-Smoking Smoking is a habit which many people have picked up, most smokers have been doing so for many years and there are usually other family members that smoke and so they have just picked it up from them as they became old enough to smoke. There is now a big campaign to get people to stop smoking, this is because we now know just how damaging smoking is to the body and the previous campaigns to get people to stop smoking havent made the effect that was desired. We now have the technology available to aid the quitting of smoking in a more fitting matter. We know just how difficult it is to give up smoking because not only is it the nicotine you are addicted to, you are also used to the motions of smoking and you expect to get your nicotine fix by lighting a cigarette and smoking it. This is why we supply E-Cigs which give you the smoking experience and the nicotine you desire without any of the harmful qualities that smoking usually has. At Era3 we stock a wide range of electronic cigarettes which are designed to help you give up smoking, you can choose between the disposable electronic cigarette and the refill electronic cigarette. All of our electronic cigarettes are affordable and because they are long lasting you will spend less money than you would if you were to buy cigarettes. When you choose your electronic cigarette whether it is disposable or refill you will have a choice between menthol and tobacco flavouring. Our disposable E-Cigs are ideal if you do not wish to have to charge your cigarette and replace the cartridge. Our current E-Cigs are equivalent to either 50 or 20 cigarettes, which shows that they are a long lasting disposable cigarette. Once you have smoked your cigarette you can just throw it away in the bin no matter where you are. If you think that the refill electronic cigarette would be better suited to you then first of all you will need to purchase a starter kit. The starter kit provides you with everything you will require to start giving up smoking. Your starter kit provides you with the equivalent to 120 cigarettes, included in your starter kit are a battery, an atomizer and 10 atomized cartridges which build up your cigarette and you will also receive a USB charger and an instruction manual. The atomizer of our E-Cig can last up to 60 days while the battery has a maximum life span of 90 days so your E-Cig will almost always be available to smoke, the battery is easily rechargeable via a USB so you can recharge it on your .puter at work or at friends houses. Our replacement E-Cig refill cartridges are also equivalent to 120 cigarettes and you will receive 10 cartridges in each pack. The packages of replacement cartridges are .pact meaning you can easily take them everywhere with you so that you will never run out and be tempted to purchase cigarettes. By smoking an electronic cigarette you will be able to smoke inside almost everywhere, because the smoke you see is a vapour mist it should not be prohibited under laws that ban smoking. However if you do plan on smoking your electronic cigarette inside public premises it may be in your best interest to check with the manager of the premises on their own smoking rules. Giving up smoking is a difficult task but with the right method you will be able to succeed and be proud of how much you manage to achieve. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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