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Heilongjiang Nehe prison two prison leadership Lieyan was sentenced to 1 years in case of the Sohu news according to Longjiang County of Heilongjiang Province, Xinhua news agency, the people’s Court of Heilongjiang 4, Nehe province prison chief Wang Ji, former Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission Yuanyu branch Liu Yang case of a public sentencing, which neglects his crime and sentenced the defendant Wang Ji, Liu Yang each year of imprisonment. Longjiang County People’s court found that: the defendant Wang Ge in June 2011 since the Nehe prison discipline committee, during the period of April 10, 2014 to April 16th of the same year, since May 5, 2014, hosted the deputy warden, prison guards in charge of division, brigade and other departments. The defendant Liu Yang in 2013, has been appointed chief of the prison prison department, responsible for the overall work of the prison, the second defendant is directly subordinate. The court held that the defendant Wang Ji, Liu Yang during the performance of their duties, each other not effective communication and coordination, under the supervision of the staff of the leadership, can not effectively; the relevant provisions do not conscientiously perform their meetings and dinners, the criminals Wang Dong and others met with repeated violations of commensality; supervision is not in place, to search work supervision is not responsible, the Wang Dong holds a number of mobile phone signal shielding system; the operation status of the mobile phone is not informed, not management, resulting in long-term use of mobile phone Wang Dong in the prison, and implementation of fraud, crime of blackmail and impose exactions on made, bad social impact. Its behavior constitutes a crime of dereliction of duty. According to the facts, circumstances and confession of the two defendants, the above-mentioned judgment is made according to law. Prison Lieyan case back in December 2012, Wang Dong was put into prison for kidnapping in Nehe. During the prison period, Wang has used mobile phone chat to cheat a total of 3 women’s trust, and then threatened by naked chat video, forcing the victim to visit the prison meeting room or dining room. The meeting room and the dining room are all halls, which are open only on weekdays, equipped with monitoring equipment and police on duty, and are monitored and monitored by the prison police who attended the meeting. Wang also to partnership business grounds, defrauding two people, a total of 110 thousand yuan. Wang Dong was sentenced to imprisonment for 13 years and 9 months for committing fraud and extortion. Nehe prison in December 2014 of the police involved and responsible people were given the dismissal, demotion, dismissal and other sanctions, transferred from their posts.

黑龙江讷河监狱两名领导因监狱猎艳案各被判1年-搜狐新闻  据新华社电 黑龙江省龙江县人民法院4日对黑龙江省讷河监狱原纪委书记王革、原狱政科科长刘阳玩忽职守一案进行了公开宣判,以玩忽职守罪判处被告人王革、刘阳各一年有期徒刑。  龙江县人民法院查明:被告人王革于2011年6月以来任讷河监狱纪委书记,2014年4月10日至同年4月16日期间以及2014年5月5日以来代管副监狱长工作,分管狱政科、看守大队等部门。被告人刘阳于2013年以来任讷河监狱狱政科科长,负责狱政科的全面工作,二被告人是直接隶属关系。  法院认为,被告人王革、刘阳在履行职务期间,相互之间不能有效的沟通、协调,对下属工作人员不能有效的领导、监督;没有认真履行会见、共餐的相关规定,致使服刑罪犯王东多次违规与他人会见共餐;对清监搜身工作监督不到位、不尽责,致使王东持有多部手机;对手机信号屏蔽系统运行情况不知情、不管理,致使王东长期在监狱内使用手机,并实施诈骗、敲诈勒索犯罪,造成了恶劣的社会影响。其行为已构成玩忽职守罪。根据二被告人的犯罪事实、情节及认罪态度,依法作出上述判决。  监狱猎艳案回顾  2012年12月,王东因绑架罪被投入讷河监狱。服刑期间,王某先后利用手机聊天骗取共计3名女性信任,后又以裸聊视频相要挟,迫使受害人到监狱会见室或共餐室探视。会见室和共餐室均为大厅,只在工作日开放,室内配有监控设备和值班民警,并由参加会见的服刑人员所在监区民警负责近距离监听监视。王某还以合伙做生意为由,骗取其中两人共计11万多元。王东因犯诈骗罪、敲诈勒索罪被判处有期徒刑13年9个月。讷河监狱于2014年12月对涉案民警和相关责任人分别给予了撤职、降职、免职、调离工作岗位等处分。相关的主题文章:


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