Guilin 60 thousand new car license plate for online pre selection first signed to

Guilin 60 thousand new car license plate for online to pick the first preselected signed in November 11th, the Guangxi Autonomous Region Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps held a pre business start motor vehicle license plate on the Internet news briefing will be announced to the public, Guangxi district traffic safety management integrated services Internet platform (hereinafter referred to as the "Internet platform") from November 15th launched a comprehensive online vehicle license plate business qualification. In Guilin, there will be 6 new paragraph 60 thousand plate to achieve online selection, a large number of "good" incoming. But you want to get the right number, must be signed in user. The new 60 thousand new, it is understood that the new Guilin city into a 60 thousand motor vehicle license plate, the Internet, self selection and pre divided random selection in two ways, put a new paragraph number is the number of C0L000 – C9L999 Gui Gui "and" Gui Gui C0S000 – C9S999, C0T000 – Guangxi, Guangxi C9T999, C0U000, C9U999, Gui Gui "Guangxi" C0V000 GUI C9V999 "," C0W 000 C9W 999 – Guangxi guangxi". The launch for optional and randomly selected number of self-made Internet platform pre motor vehicle license plate, non operating small new vehicle only for individual users and the second-hand car, official car license plate and vehicle operation cannot be chosen on the net. Needs to be emphasized is that the number of new investment, only for Internet primaries, to "choose the Internet platform face registered users, directly for the family to sign the non user car owners in the vehicle or vehicle station business window, can not use the 60 thousand new paragraph number. "Face" is to get one of the pretty "threshold. According to statistics, as of October 31, 2016, Guilin city (6 districts and 11 counties) motor vehicle drivers ownership 1184128, individual users registered window (i.e. signed 176559 users), individual Internet users accounted for registered drivers ownership 14.9%. This means that, at present only 14.9% motor vehicle driver has purchased a new car or is going to buy a new car, these can be put 6 of the new qualifying section number. Grab your favorite "pretty" the probability is still very large. Pre process the Internet platform of motor vehicle license plate number plate primary function, currently only applicable to small non operating motor vehicle car (seven and seven under non operating motor vehicle car) registration, car owners to complete the individual Internet users after registration on working days during the period of 8:00-23:00, through the computer login the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region traffic safety integrated service management platform (), select the the motor vehicle business module in the "pre license plate" project, and follow the prompts to pre license plate. In addition, users need to pay attention to, in the primary motor vehicle license plate, vehicle license plate can not choose other city, otherwise the system will be blacklisted. Owners need to pay particular attention to is that the election must be prepared before the motor vehicle certification, purchase invoices, user registration peach相关的主题文章:


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