Graphic Novel Obliterates Impossible Funding Goal On Kickstarter Nearly Overnight!-super bass

Arts-and-Entertainment NEW YORK, NY, USA, April 03, 2013 — Originally written and developed as a screenplay, Darkrose Studios is adapting the ideas behind Treadwater into a graphic novel that is rapidly growing a following. Twenty-four hours after launching the Kickstarter campaign, it was in the TOP THREE most popular comic projects to back! Despite being told by others in the comic book industry that the funding goal was incredibly overzealous, the project eclipsed its minimum goal on Kickstarter in less than ten days!!! Darkrose now looks to grow its brand by producing a series of motion-comic webisodes detailing the origins of each of Treadwaters super operatives. In a pre-apocalyptic tale, as the world is forced to deal with the effects of an unstable global economy, the Euro finally collapses. The world nose dives into chaos. Mass rioting, looting, and outright civil disobedience erupts. While many nations begin to focus on protecting and securing their respective borders, others feel that the only way to deter attacks is with a preemptive gesture of strength. As Germany forms its aggressive stance behind a true military German patriot, General Kirklau, it becomes more than evident that the balance of global powers is all but obsolete. Governments and worldwide organizations have their hands tied, as one wrong move by any of them could launch an all-out world war. Treadwater is the only organization taking a proactive stance to keep the world afloat, while others helplessly do just that tread water. Treadwater, referenced by the acronym TRDWTR (Technological Research and Development Working Toward a Resolution), is the product of a brilliant medical researcher named Allen Downs. Downs has hand-picked each member of the TRDWTR team by bartering something uniquely important to them in exchange for working as one of his super operatives. While General Kirklau and Germany are perceived to be the biggest threat by the rest of the world, another, much bigger THREAT grows stronger the Children of Chaos. TRDWTR knows that its only a matter of time before the world sees true destruction and devastation at their hands. Founder of Darkrose Studios and creator of Treadwater, Morgan Rosenblum, has passionately driven his concept to life. With a host of talented team members, the ultimate goal is not to see Treadwater simply become a graphic novel, but to fully bring it to life in the most visually, stunning representation possible: a full-length motion picture. If people dont laugh at your dream, it isnt big enough, says Morgan. Well, Morgan, no one is laughing. Rather, fans are clamoring to become immersed in all things Treadwater, and for those who havent yet, just try to ignore the buzz. Press Contact: Morgan Rosenblum Darkrose Studios NEW YORK, NY, USA 9177108340 [email protected] ..trdwtr.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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