German experts Tiangong two will provide a new opportunity for the international space cooperation polartec

German experts: Tiangong two international space cooperation provides new opportunity in the new agency in Berlin in September 15, China 15, the successful launch of Tiangong two space laboratory, caused international concern. According to Deutsche Welle reported that due to the existing international space station (ISS) expires in 2024 after retirement, the funeral is inconclusive, the German aerospace industry to China the space station will be completed as scheduled, may provide for the space research field. The German Aerospace experts believe that Tiangong two international space cooperation in the future provides a new opportunity. Germany (DLR) German space cooperation project leader Dr. Brown (Dr. Markus Braun) 15 interview with German media said that Tiangong two is an important step Chinese space program, Tiangong-1 (micro-blog) "upgrade", a more complete internal facilities, the astronauts can stay a long time. German media quoted Brown point of view, the international space station is the most late in 2028 will stop using, then China’s space station or will be the only place to provide space for the study of the environment. Therefore, as the space station "predecessor" Tiangong two for international space cooperation in the future provides a new opportunity. Brown believes that international cooperation is a major trend in the field of space station, a country’s strength is not enough…… From the financial and technical needs of multinational cooperation." Brown further pointed out that in the field of space cooperation with China, the United States is more conservative stance, while Germany in the forefront of the western countries. For example, he pointed out that as early as 2011, the Shenzhou eight spacecraft equipped with the Sino German cooperation in the development of experimental device SIMBOX, the two countries began to cooperate in space technology. In addition, the German Aerospace Center and Chinese Academy of space application engineering and Technology Center (CSU) is the cooperation space research further, including the joint development of space station hardware and research equipment preparation and preliminary research. For Germany in cooperation between the two countries, in the Tiangong two development and the launch phase, Brown pointed out that the Temple No. two, although not on the German experimental project, but a Kardiolab test apparatus is developed jointly by France and Germany, to monitor the astronauts cardiopulmonary health system. On that day the German media from different angles on the launch of Tiangong two, and be positive. Deutsche Welle said, China first space laboratory "Tiangong two" launched on Thursday. As a precursor to the establishment of a permanent space station in space, this project not only has important implications for China’s space program, but also to international counterparts. German TV station mentioned in the report, in October this year Chinese is expected to send two astronauts into space, and in the Temple No. two for several weeks. "In Chinese, people especially for the new atomic clock Tiangong two, equipped with a self-developed proud. The atomic clock developed by researchers in Shanghai is the highest in the world today." The station pointed out that the accuracy of the device to achieve the world record by the United States before the atomic clock to maintain a record of about three times higher than Colorado.相关的主题文章:


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