Galactic Federation Versus

Darkworker Galaxy Far away from us there is a galaxy filled with creatures known as Darkworkers. They are not such a friendly lot, in fact they deal in slavery and exploitation of other alien races throughout the galaxy. This race of beings overpowers other races and takes them as prisoners. They then implant their own ideals and warlike behavior on the captured race of beings. Not a nice race by a long shot. A darkworker is good at trickery and deceit. They use a pulse technology to dirty your etheric field so no divine information can enter your state of conscious awareness. They have advanced weaponry and space travel. Some darkworker renegades have incarnated here on earth to help with the ascension but are meeting many obstacles. At least they are trying hard. The darkworker race has been known to enslave large galaxies of beings and keep them suppressed and under control. They like this as it feeds their egos. Each darkworker has an ego as high as, or higher , than the Empire State building and they lust for ever more power over other beings. Occult Pulse Technology There is an advanced pulse technology that emits invisible quantum particles and it sticks to your aura making it dirty and unclean. When this pulse is directed at you it is hard to be spiritual as it cuts off divine information. Galactic Federation of Light The Darkworker galaxy has an opponent known as the Galactic Federation. This Federation is made up of star beings and races who believe in freedom and spiritual advancement. They are 180 degrees opposite to the darkworker beings. There are Galactic Federation light beings here on earth in human bodies and they, in their own small way, seek to make the world a better place. Reptilian Control The Reptilian race is working with the Darkworker beings to destroy and take over civilizations. Their trip is take away everyone’s inner spiritual power. Once someone becomes mechanical in their actions and thoughts their destiny is sealed, so to speak. They can have no further growth and soon slide into regression in their spiritual development. The Reptilians are very cunning as they are invisible and most do not know about them as they are masters at concealment. Divine Actions If your are into building your own power, caring for self and others, and are contributing to make this world a better place, the dark forces have minimal impact upon you. The desire to become more, to fulfill your life purpose , and to grow your inner spiritual nature and become more divine are qualities of spirit Darkworkers do not possess. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章:


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