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Food-and-Drink If you are looking for a food that is a good source of proteins, then seafood is the best choice that you can make. They are said to be good source of proteins and they also have Omega-3 fatty acids. The best part about having seafood is that they are also low on calories level. So if you have been on a seafood diet, you can be proud of your choice. Having said this, many people are also fond of visiting restaurants and exploring the many options in seafood. If you too belong to the same category, you should be well aware of the fact that every restaurant that serves seafood will have a different taste because of different flavors and spices used. For instance, if you want to relish on butter garlic crab , it will taste different with every different state and place and even restaurant. But at the same time if you choose to visit the best seafood restaurant anywhere in Mumbai, which is a coastal area, then you will feel the difference. One place where we can re.mend to you is Andheri which is a .mercial hub. Majority of Mumbaikars have their work places in Andheri and hence after a tired days of work, you can visit the best seafood restaurant in Andheri. Bonding over dinner after works is the best stress buster: Andheri is always hustling with crowd. It is always a busy day in Andheri and hence we asked you to visit a restaurant in Andheri. You no longer have to wait for weekends to have butter garlic crab or any other seafood. You can very well make a visit post your office and catch up with friends over dinner. The best seafood restaurant in Andheri is the place where you will be served authentic Mangalorean seafood. Mangalorean seafood is the best since the flavors and spices they use is very different from what you get otherwise. And there are no doubts that usually the Kolis and people from coastal areas prepare delicious and finger licking seafood. Now you do not have to visit Mangalore to get a taste of the same, you can very well get it in Andheri itself. Mumbai being surrounded by the coast, seafood is never that will extinct: The best part about being in Mumbai is that, 3/4th of the city is surrounded by the coast. And hence seafood is something that will never run out and is always there in abundance. There is no and never going to be any scarcity on the variety of fishes that you get in Bombay. So that is a benefit that you can enjoy for as long as you are in this city. So visit the best seafood restaurant in Andheri and make the most of all the varieties that you get. Also if you have this more often than not, then you also do not have to worry about any health problems that you may be worried about otherwise. So good health with good taste is what you get with seafood. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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