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Freeze 349th: "artificial intelligence" Steven · Spielberg "artificial intelligence", 2001 fixed period of 349th, this moment from "artificial intelligence". In the future, artificial intelligence has been highly developed. David (Haley · Joe · Osmond diggs) is a robot, a child, made to comfort the bereaved parents and the. He was adopted by his mother, Monica, because he was so lifelike that he got his mother’s love. And the program set, so that the unconditional love of David Monica. But human feelings are not like machines – when Monica’s son, Martin, returns home, David is driven out of the house. David took the teddy bear, and the machine lover Joe (Jude · Los Angeles) adventure, he just wanted to return to his mother. In this moment, they are tied to the stage, will be destroyed by sulfuric acid, stone. This place is the slaughterhouse of robots – the rage of humanity here to destroy the robot, revel. On stage, the host Johnson even shouted: "you who do not have chips, you can throw the first stone!" This sentence is a parody of the Bible in the words of Jesus. There was a woman who had been caught cheating and stoned. And Jesus said to the angry men, "if any of you is without sin, let him take the stone first (John 8:7)." Here, robots are inherently sinful because they are artificial and they are not human beings! But when David was on the stage, he was moved by his lovely face, and no one hurt him…… From the perspective of a robot, "artificial intelligence" profoundly discusses the theme of "what is human". The film ranked 144th in watercress.相关的主题文章:


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