Freaky play scratch in case of a thief; wit – Hubei police patrol shouting Channel –

Freaky play scratch   in case of a thief; wit – Hubei Channel – patrol police shouted Daye on 8 October, a young mother pushing a stroller to play "scratch" when not panic, pickpocketing veteran, but tactfully towards the police patrol in the vicinity shouted, eventually caught by the Daye police, the pickpocket criminal detention according to law. Ms. Chen, 25 years old, is a native of Hubei, Daye province. She is also a new hot mother. October 6th at 12 pm, Chen pushing a car ready to go home for dinner, but found himself out forgot the key, then at home to stay near the Yurun square, also bought a scratch and try their luck. Chen was scratching the lottery, and he caught a glimpse of a man taller than her, sneaking up beside her baby carriage, neither buying lottery tickets nor visiting other places, and his eyes were strange. Chen turned his head in alarm and saw the man put his hand into the bag on the side of the baby carriage. Chen grabbed the man’s hand, and she saw his cell phone being caught in the hands of the man. "What did you steal from me?"" Chen loudly questioned, quickly grabbed his mobile phone, and the police patrol nearby shouting loudly. The patrol came Wensheng, the man under control. Under the jurisdiction of Dongfeng Road police station police officers led by Zhang Kang quickly rushed to the scene, the two sides verbally summoned to the police station to do the record, investigation. Originally, the man called danmou, aged 42, is the great Kei shop people, has repeatedly due to theft by public security organs according to law. On the same day, the police found the witness stolen all the stone, will be a criminal detention according to law. "You don’t fear stone suddenly out of control, for you and the baby will be bad?"" Asked the policeman. Chen feel shy smile, said: "at that time, many people on the square, I think he did not dare recklessly, and have you, I don’t feel afraid." Police reminded, encountered such cases, the public should protect their own security in the case of smart alarm or to seek help from the surrounding masses. ((Lu Wen): Zhang Jun, commissioning editor Guan Xiyan) “辣妈”玩刮刮乐遇小偷 机智大喊巡逻民警–湖北频道–人民网 人民网大冶10月8日电 一名年轻妈妈推着婴儿车玩“刮刮乐”时遇到扒窃老手,没有慌张,而是机智地朝在附近巡逻的民警大喊,最终人赃俱获,扒手被大冶警方依法刑事拘留。 25岁的陈女士是湖北省大冶市人,也是一名新晋辣妈。10月6日中午12时许,陈某推着婴儿车准备回家吃饭,却发现自己出门时忘了带钥匙,便在家附近的雨润广场上逗留,还买了多张刮刮乐试手气。 陈某正在刮彩票,余光突然瞥见一个个头比她稍高的男人鬼鬼祟祟地在她的婴儿车旁,既不买彩票,也不去其他地方逛,眼神还很奇怪。陈某警觉地转身,只见那名男子已经将手伸进婴儿车一侧的置物袋中。 陈某一把将男子的手拽出,她看见自己的手机正抓在男子手中。“你偷我东西干什么?”陈某大声质问,迅速夺过自己的手机,并朝正在附近巡逻的民警大声呼喊。 巡逻队员闻声而来,将男子控制住。辖区东风路派出所值班民警张康带队迅速赶至现场,将双方口头传唤至派出所做笔录,调查情况。 原来,男子叫石某,42岁,是大箕铺人,曾多次因扒窃而被公安机关依法处理。 当日,警方经查证人赃俱获,将石某依法刑事拘留。 “你不怕石某突然失控,对你和宝宝都会不利?”民警询问道。 陈某不好意思地笑了,回答说:“当时广场上人特别多,我想他不敢乱来,而且有你们在,我就没觉着害怕。” 民警提醒,遇到此类情况,市民要在保护自身安全的情况下机智报警或向周围群众寻求帮助。(卢雯) (责编:张隽、关喜艳)相关的主题文章:


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