Four year old boy lost a shopping street ticket to help him find his mother midd-885

The four year old street boys lost a shopping small ticket to help him find his mother 12 in the afternoon, a little boy lost in the streets of Huangshi, the police in the multi asked to no avail, who, through a shopping small ticket to find his mother. 2 pm the same day, Chen Wan police station is Wuhan Road, Shanghai road patrol, found a small boy carrying a blue shopping bag standing on the roadside, no adult accompany. Suspect that the little boy may be lost with his family, the police immediately stepped forward to ask Cheng Yuansheng. But how about the matter to the police, the little boy kept silent. Police saw the little boy carrying a shopping bag, which has a shopping mall in Nanjing Road, a small ticket. According to a small ticket, the police came to the shop, asked whether the staff registered shopping information. After the inquiry, the police learned that small ticket holders are members of the shop, on the morning of 11 pm until the store too. Subsequently, the store staff members of the phone number, told the police. After the police called the phone, the woman answered the phone is the mother of the little boy. Ms. Zhang is anxiously looking for his son Xiao Liang (a pseudonym), just call 110 reported to the police. That the location of Ms. Zhang, the police will be sent back to the safety of small bright lady. According to Ms. Zhang said, the same day at noon, she took 4 year old son small bright go shopping. Small bright more playful, she in the shopping process, the son of a man ran away, she turned around, has not seen a small bright. Police remind the public in the process of taking children out, we must take care of children, so as not to get lost children. For more information, please refer to [big Chu Huangshi] WeChat subscription number相关的主题文章:


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