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Foreign models in China Gold: from Eastern Europe a day for 100 sets of clothing in July 14, 2014, from Slovakia Patelisa female models in the shooting. The Xinhua News Agency reference news network October 10th Hong Kong media reported that the blond long legs model is very common in Chinese mainland advertising, whether street advertising, television advertising or Internet advertising. Over the past 10 years, with the Chinese economy especially the prosperity and development of electronic commerce, China mainland consumers prefer foreign faces and concepts, rather than local faces and so on, has increased the demand for foreign models. According to Hongkong’s "South China Morning Post" website reported on October 8th, working in the mainland of foreign models mostly from Eastern Europe, where wages are relatively low, to the mainland the ticket is not expensive. Carter, 16, from Ukraine, is a slim and beautiful girl who has been a model in Shanghai for more than two months, the report said. It was her first time to go abroad and her first job. Lo Zkosa had graduated from high school next summer, but she left school a few months ago and came to China with a model company in Ukraine". She said: "I like working here. Although I need to work 8 hours or even 13 hours a day, but it does not matter, as long as they can earn money on the line." The height of 1.78 meters from the eastern part of Ukraine, the northern city of Donetsk, the local economic downturn". In Shanghai, she participated in the plane model casting, where she attended a Shanghai modeling agency arrangement shows. Reported that the model company of young fashion director Sara Liu of the industry is very optimistic, she believes, is an integral part of the marketing model, as long as people continue to "pursuit of beauty", the industry will increase. Sara Liu’s company was founded 5 years ago, is the city’s second largest foreign model brokerage firm, each quarter has between 18 to 25 overseas models to choose from. All models have short term work visas. Ministry of human resources and social security issued two years ago to allow foreigners to apply for short-term work in China to apply for a Z visa, you can stay in China for 90 days. Sara Liu said that many Chinese companies are more willing to use foreign models, their products are more international, more fashion". Sara Liu said, white skin, big legs and more three-dimensional features make the Western model have more advantages than the China model. She says Chinese companies have taken the "blind use of models with foreign faces" to consider whether models are suitable for their own products. "I think it’s a good trend," she said." Reported that some of the models to China, especially male models from Brazil, but from the western countries with high income models rarely. Poland model Adam Jasek said, as a model in Shanghai let him have the opportunity to travel the world. The 20 year old youth in Poland Ocean University is the professional, but he gave up school work after a period of time, a model company of his photos sent to Shanghai, he got a job. Asek said he usually works 7相关的主题文章:


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