For a 100 thousand yuan IOU Ningbo two business partners go to court ca1816

For a 100 thousand yuan IOU Ningbo two business partners go to court a 100 thousand yuan IOU, let two business partners go to court. A request to pay back the money, another is not borrowing. Two people in the end how to solve each one sticks to his argument, the case? Yesterday, the Cixi court informed the case. Qiao Qiao (Surname) operating a chemical fiber company. Yiwu Yang (Surname) is the company’s customers, but since April 19, 2014, between Lao Yang and Lao Zheng trading company business end. In April this year, a 100 thousand yuan IOU again two people together. With the requirements of IOU Lao Zheng qianzhaihaiqian, Yang said: "I really wrote the note, but this is actually 100 thousand yuan prepaid goods." He said that the two sides have already concluded business transactions, 100 thousand yuan payment has been completed. This slip side with positive and negative Yang identity card, on the lower position wrote "IOU" two words, "owe" the word was scratched two; the other side reads "IOU" content, simply write "borrow cash one hundred million yuan Lao Zheng whole", finally the borrower signature and date. It is understood that, in March 12, 2012, Yang Lao Zheng to contact the company chemical business. In the credit card company POS prepaid 30 thousand yuan after the payment, the Yang personally wrote a 100 thousand yuan iou. "I brought him a more than 190 thousand yuan bank card in the POS machine, Lao Zheng company paid 30 thousand yuan in advance, because the old Zheng company is not so much cash to me, in order to ensure the normal delivery of follow-up can only write a paper iou." As for why the word "owed" Mr Yang explained at the time off and started to write IOUs, but Lao Zheng write IOU, he did. Yang claimed that the IOU is payable but unpaid payment vouchers, but he always did not provide evidence; and according to Yang after March 12, 2012 near the payment situation, are not able to find a sum of $100 thousand or nearly 100 thousand yuan payment record. The case after the trial, the court found the two men folk lending relationship is established according to law and legally valid, the two sides should be about fully perform their respective obligations, ordered within 7 days of the return of the old Yang Zheng 100 thousand yuan. "IOU is direct evidence of both lending lending relationship. The existing evidence can not overthrow the IOU involved reflects the relationship lending between the original defendant." The judge said. Yang said it refused to accept the verdict, Lao Zheng also said to not receive repayment for enforcement. Fortunately, after 1 months of changed things, the two sides reached a voluntary settlement agreement, Lao Zheng choose to reduce the repayment amount, Yang also agreed to pay immediately. The case settled, the two finally shook hands and.相关的主题文章:


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