Fmcg Product Distributor In India-w-inds.

Branding We feel immense pleasure in introducing ourselves as Top global FMCG product Distribution Company and an associate of 1000 Crore Indian Rupees (US$ 250 Million) annual turn over conglomerate RADIOHMS AGENCIES LTD (RAL) New Delhi India. Radiohms Agencies Limited is making up as a best channel Distribution Compay in india for FMCG Brands like Battery and Torches,Shaving Products,Baby Care Products.The RAL group has joint ventures with ATSUSHITA ELECTRIC for Nippo Batteries & Torches, AMERICAN SAFETY RAZOR COMPANY for Glide Shaving Products and LUV N CARE for Nuby Infant Care Products.You can visit our Website: .radiohms… Radiohms Agencies Limited is one of India’s largest Channel Distribution .pany, Catering to more than 500,000+ Retail and whole sale outlets across the country, as a top FMCG Product Distributor .pany in India we are covering the smallest village grocery shops to Mega Lifestyle Chains and Hyper Markets in Metros. RAL has been dealing with multi national .panies globally from Japan, Sweden, US, UK, Germany, China since last three decades and speak their language. We are thus able to bridge the gap between the Multinational and the local shopkeeper. Currently RAL Group is into 3 categories:—- 1) Portable Energy Products (Matushita under umbrella brand Nippo’) Indias second largest in its category with a turnover of Rs 350 cr in India. 2) Personal Grooming Products (American Safety Razor .pany under umbrella brand Glide) Worlds largest private labeling brand in its category with a turnover of $500 million. 3) Mother & Infant Care Products – ( Luv n Care, under the brand name NUBY) Worlds largest infant care brand in its category with a turnover of $350 million. WE WOULD LIKE TO HAVE THE OPPRORTUNITY TO MEET WITH YOU TO DISCUSS ASSOCIATION OPTIONS WITH YOUR .PANY IN VARIOUS FORMS SUCH AS CROSS PROMOTIONS, PRIVATE LABELING & GIFT HAMPERS FOR THE TRADE OR FESTIVALS. Some of our current clients include Godrej, Reckitt Benkiser, Henkel, Emami, JK Helen Curtis, Candico etc. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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