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Business To find the best of the best deals on eBay, you can use some secret strategies. There are strategies stronger than just patiently finding the best deals through a good search or being tenacious in your bids when you find what you really want. These strategies not only find the best deals, they protect you against scams. One strategy is one used by some shrewd Internet marketers on purpose: take advantage of spelling mistakes. People are, on average, not the best spellers nor the best typists. But, those who deliberately seek out misspelled words on eBay find themselves with hardly any .petitors. Low Cost Bid, FatFingers, and Goofbay all are websites that help you in your quest for the perfect error on eBay. Another trick is to use the websites Lastminute Auctions and Auctionfinal to find no bid items on eBay. These are items put up by sellers who set the opening bid price absurdly low trying to attract a price war–but, their items either aren’t as enticing as they think, or their items simply never were seen, and now the time is running out on the auction clock. Nobody has bid on them. Now you can — at the last minute, indeed. You’ll get a real steal. Always, if possible, find your eBay items locally. Why’s that? You’re cutting down significantly on delivery costs. This is a very standard businessman’s trick, after all! The website Localbargainfinder helps you out with this. For anyone reading this who is outside the United States — buy USA for better deals right now. The Dollar’s weakness is your advantage. But please don’t fool yourselves. The Dollar cannot stay so undervalued forever. It is, after all, the almighty Dollar. And if you’re paying attention, you know it’s on the rise again right now, while the Euro is falling into trouble. Buy eBay USA now! Looking for something collectible or unusual that’s hard to find? Use eBay’s "favorite search" feature and get e-mailed whenever your items are put up for bids at the site. Think you’re automatically getting the lowest possible price because you’re shopping on eBay? You’ve got another think .ing. You may be right, but you may be wrong. Use the websites Kelkoo, Pricerunner, and Shopping dot . to help you know if you’re REALLY getting the steal you think you are. There is also an Internet online forum called Bargain Buys, Sassy Shopping and Fantastic Freebies where you can find free advice from people all over the world as to what’s the best target price for such and such a thing. It might not be at eBay, after all. Or, it can at least tell you that if someone outbids you after a certain price you should just let them have it. And even eBay itself has a helpful feature for bargain hunters: it’s site-wide ".pleted items" search. This will show you how much other auctions have gotten for the same item that you enter into the search box. Unless you have insider information or you’re an maniacal collector of something, don’t bid above the highest bid prices there. EBay is a cheap person’s paradise! And cheap people are smart people. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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