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Religion A few years back, I received a disturbing phone call, in the early morning hours. It was my son, Mitch. He was in a frantic state. As I wearily sat up in bed from a deep sleep, I listened intently. Startled by his desperate cry for help, my heart began to hurt. Calls like this are a parents nightmare. Not knowing what exactly was going on, I couldn’t make out all he was trying to convey. His words were muffled and ran together. I tried to calm him but it was not possible. He was sobbing. He was angry and bewildered. I could also sense that Mitch was in excruciating pain. My sweet child was injured, but how bad? I didn’t exactly know. I asked where he was and what was going on. Mitch told me he had been mugged. He said he was in a hospital emergency room and it was packed full of people. He had already been there over an hour, with no assistance. I suggested he seek attention to get something for the pain. I kept asking him what happened? He was cryptic in his description. Mitch was so focused on his agonizing pain, I got an idea of what happened and let my unimportant questioning go. He needed my attention. My support. A listening ear. Mitch wanted to get off of the phone quickly as his focus was relieving the unbearable misery. I asked Mitch to call me back with an update. I felt totally helpless and wanted to cry. My Son Has Had Enough Trials and Tribulations "Why, dear Lord? Why? Hasn’t my son had enough to endure?" I began to go back in memory to the day of his major surgery, to remove a brain tumor, 5 years prior. Including this major life event, Mitch endured ill health and all that goes with it, leading up to his surgery. Mitch called a hour later. He was seen, had the necessary x-rays and been given pain meds. Mitch’s jaw was broken in several places. He needed to see a specialist immediately as there wasn’t anything the hospital could do for him. He seemed a bit calmer as the meds started taking affect. I asked if he could drive to the area where I lived to see a specialist nearby. I could then take care of him, if necessary. He readily agreed to my offer of help and said he could drive. I checked in with him while he was on his way to my home, to make sure he was OK. When Mitch showed up to my door, I was shocked to see my precious son’s bruised, swollen and battered face. Hardened Hearts and Lost Souls Mitch was a victim of a mugging. As he was leaving a restaurant in the Central Valley, two guys jumped him as he innocently walked out to the parking lot. One beat him with some sort of an iron glove, while the other held him down. My son’s 6’2" He’s muscular and fit. Mitch could protect himself if needed. He was on wrestling teams growing up and has decent wrestling abilities. It was very important to me that both my boys knew how to protect themselves, if they were ever in a tough situation. I thought wrestling was a better way than boxing. I never cared for boxing. Hitting people in the head and body felt barbaric and cruel to me. Just as what happened to Mitch was barbaric and cruel! Two lost souls, jumping an innocent young man and using a weapon to make the abuse worse. I just couldn’t believe it! I suddenly felt very dizzy and ill. I wanted to find them and shake these young lost souls. Shake some .passion and holy light in their dark and hardened hearts. I drove Mitch to Kaiser in Walnut Creek. We waited an hour for his emergency appointment. He was in a lot of pain. Eventually we were told they couldn’t help him. His injury was too severe. We had to drive to Oakland as there was a specialist there who took on severe cases. We immediately drove to Oakland and Mitch had to wait for the doctor for another hour, which seemed like eternity. The pain got worse. He was finally wheeled to surgery. I blessed him and walked down to the lobby. It was now 9 in the evening .There were just a few people waiting in the large room. I tried meditating and then praying for my son. I couldn’t calm myself down to meditate long enough and decided to just focus on prayer. I then prayed and blessed everyone in the hospital. I asked God and Blessed Mother for assistance as tears streamed down my cheeks. I was hurt. My child was violated. My son didn’t deserve this treatment. My mind kept going back over the entire ordeal, again and again. A Need Was Calling Through Tears I looked around the room and found a woman wiping her own tears. I heard— "Go over and ask her to pray with you." I slowly got up, a little apprehensive as I had never asked anyone I didn’t know, especially in a hospital setting, to pray with me. I walked across the giant room. "Excuse me. I noticed your sadness. Do you believe in prayer?" She nodded yes. "Do you want to pray with me? My son’s in emergency surgery. May I ask why you are here?" She proceeded to share, her young daughter was critically ill and the doctors couldn’t find what was wrong. We sat for over two hours praying, talking, and crying- about our children. We both found solace in .forting each other through a very challenging moment. I was then told Mitch was out of surgery, in recovery and would be ready to go home. The woman and I hugged. My angels nudged me and shared that her daughter would pull out of this situation and be well again .I told her what I heard and I would continue to pray for her and her daughter. I never share information like this unless I get a huge confirmation. I blessed this dedicated mother and her daughters journey. I took my son home to recover. Major Life Experience Teaches Wisdom I tended to my son who had his mouth wired shut for many weeks. Only liquids could reach the small space in his mouth, which was tightly closed off by threaded wires. Inch by inch he was healing. Step by step I began my .passionate journey to f.ive the two men who violated my son. I prayed. I meditated. In mediation, I was shown their lost souls and indirect cry for help as they were recklessly walking the edge of a darkened, dead end road. I thought about their own mothers, their lives, their choices. Mitch and I shared many thoughts and magical moments those crucial days that I will forever hold close. I’m very grateful he healed. I’m truly blessed that I had the honor to share this part of his life journey with him. Tending to my son was a given, but not knowing I would be of service to a stranger, especially because I was drowning in my own grief, felt right. Somehow I found a way to open a space in my heart for another. The need was steps away and I fulfilled it without even knowing at the time. I believe, some people do this automatically. If most of the world reached out to the unfamiliar, our world would change. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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