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Sports-and-Recreation Injury situation and is it different just six months ago, he simply could not crazy vision, a delay no meaning, Kaka competitive local targeting the World Cup in 2014, the list can be the America’s Cup can not get into, so what is the World Cup three years later? Kaka last Wednesday to accept the "Sao Paulo newspaper page," the Evening Edition interview that "to Inter? Regular contact me and Leo, he is my friend, is really good friends. He knows my ideas, that is next season to stay at Real Madrid. "Italians interpreted as, Kaka will not initiate a request to release the club, just want to get a bit more play, but the nature of the health situation is not actively play a decisive role. Kaka in the media last Friday, people hear the words before the turning point, "People say I want to go to Inter, Milan, the city would like to return or to return to Brazil to play, but these are not in my personal plans. The paper said that the initiative to Bielsa Moratti called for no other reason, ask him to Inter Milan is the possibility of coaching. Of course, as long ago Inter president had already expressed in public, Leonardo will continue to serve as Inter Milan coach next season, we do not know Moratti This time phone Brazilians want Bielsa replaced in the summer, or in the the team’s future plans. Bielsa at the end of February this year, the end of the contract with the Chilean national team, became a free man, "Gazzetta dello Sport," said, "Even as Moratti Bielsa calls himself surprised." This is not the first time into Moratti Bielsa’s line of sight of the. In fact, Benitez back in the formal class last winter, before the market had already heard the news over Inter Milan interested in Bielsa, "Gazzetta dello Sport" is November 23 last year to "Moratti’s on the list Bielsa "in the title coaching change reported in the news like Inter, Benitez should know that time is blue-black Army coach, said to Bielsa and Inter Milan’s fate much earlier than Leonardo. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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