Fan Bingbing lost 12 pounds because Li Chen Ah! Paste the face of dog food icesword

Fan Bingbing lost 12 pounds because Li Chen? Ah! Paste the face of food public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! The Xiong Xiaoyao: we all know that Fan Bingbing called "fan Pang", has always been a voluptuous girl. But we will wear Fan Ye, each other are very carefully covered arm, waist, hips and thighs, avoid weaknesses. So, in most cases. We see Fan Bingbing, are wearing a block Arm Thigh dress Fan Bingbing. How fat, so you can meimei. But recently, Fan Ye actually thin down. Yes, without warning, lost 12 pounds!!! Ah ah! That will always be our "extra baggage sector" spirit pillar. Go to fashion week this year at the airport wearing backless bandage. Like this personal elastic straps and a skirt, the meat will back bulging, but now Fan Bingbing did not easily control pressure. Fashion Week wearing trousers previously rarely wear. Even epoch-making showed arm. Live ah!? Indeed as expected is thin is capricious. A few days ago to see her magazine, belly and underwear on the side of the film. This pull hate small waist and full of girls feeling ah. Or the Fan Xiaopang we know? Today saw her debut in Shenyang. And have lost beauty. This little pointy chin, the face is not thin. According to the current figure of Fan Bingbing has not really called "fan Pang"! Fan Ye ah, you this is to completely withdraw from the extra baggage sector? Suddenly lost 12 pounds, then the key to the. So, Fan Bingbing in the end is how thin? She broke out in the interview, all thanks to a large black Li Chen gives "I want a little more time together, I think I can also try, to accompany him, fitness together." "And then I tried to stop the dinner, and that was what you saw." So, lost 12 pounds because they want to spend more time with Li Chen!!! Well, my face paste food. Think about it before Li Chenfa in the gym of the photo, the body shank meat is absolutely genuine goods at a fair price. Fan Bingbing told us that the best way to lose weight is to lose weight with my boyfriend this article from the WeChat public number Sina entertainment"相关的主题文章:


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