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Travel-and-Leisure Istanbul is one of the most awe inspiring and artistically appealing capital cities in the world. Art, film and music are very much a part of the cultural heritage, and because of the countrys colourful history this scene has been influenced by all manner of ethnic groups, cultures and religions. It’s a fascinating place to experience a real individual take on the arts. Stay in one of the best hotels Istanbul has to offer and spend a few days exploring the citys art museums, attending festivals and witnessing some world famous performances. The city centre is definitely the most obvious place to find the best hotels. Istanbul has many to choose from; on the whole they are of an excellent standard and provide a wonderful service complete with a little luxury for your stay in the city. The Performing Arts Synonymous with the capital cities of Europe, opera is not usually associated with Turkey. The opera star soprano Leyla Gencer, however, was born in the city and was influential in bringing the art of opera into the intricate culture of the country. After forty years of singing her way through operas in Turkey and Italy she became a national treasure. The Foundation for Culture and Arts has now created a copy of the Milan residence of La Diva Turca, which is open to visitors. Here you can see Gencers piano, library, awards and costumes and even a replica of the dining room where she would have entertained her guests and served extravagant Turkish cuisine. The more modern music scene in the city centres on the Tunel Metro, one of the worlds oldest, which also gives its name to the surrounding neighbourhood. The area buzzes with street performers and music cafes and the vibe here is mesmerising. Sit back, grab a drink and wallow in the rhythmic tones that embrace you from every corner. The International Jazz Festival, which is almost 20 years old, is growing ever larger as its popularity increases. The Tunel area now opens its cafes and shops and organises an enormous feast on the street; it’s a festival within a festival that gives visitors the chance to hop from one free concert to another. The festival itself continues for three lively weeks in July, and sees museums and parks hosting free concerts that include local Turkish music as well as music of international origin. A smaller and more intimate jazz festival is held later in the year and focuses solely on the jazz. There are workshops as well as concerts and for this festival most performances have an admission fee. Excellent customer service is par for the course at the best hotels Istanbul has on offer, so make the most of it and quiz staff on what is going on in the arts world during your stay. In the spring, the International Film Festival, organised by the Foundation for Culture and Arts takes place. The two-week festival sees filmmakers from the world over brought together to celebrate their art. There is so much culture and art to be experienced in this wonderful city, so why not treat yourself and stay in one of the best hotels Istanbul can provide while enjoying the city at your leisure? About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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