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Environs of Lima Barranco Once Limas largest beach resort, this bohemian suburb is now the home of Perus most prestigious artists and writers. El Puente de los Suspiros (the bridge of sighs) is a romantic lookout over the Ocean in the loveliest part of Barranco. Callao Perus largest and most important seaport. The only seaport in South America authorized to trade with Spain during the 16th &17th centuries. Visit the beach and neighborhood of La Punta, the Spanish fortress of Real Felipe and the Palomino Island where great views and a large variety of marine species can be seen. Chaclacayo & Chosica Escape from the bustle o Lima and spend a sunny weekend in the foothills of the Andes. Lomas de Lanchay 105 Km. From Lima. Incredible vegetation, a micro climate in the middle of the desert because of the intense fog. Suitable for camping. The best time to visit this place is September and October although its beautiful all years round. Suggested Walk Visit the Major Square and the beautiful and historical Cathedral of Lima. As you leave turning to the right you will find the Desamparados Train Station, and the block away from there is the Convent of san Francisco, an amazing monument from the XVII century. Turning to the left and half a block away you will find Pilatos House, with its very well preserved Colonial balconies. Four blocks down Jr. Azangaro, at the corner with Jr, Ucayali you will also find San Pedros Church, considered one of the nicest in Lima. Book a Hotels in Peru to have a pleasant stay. Art Galleries MALI Museo de Arte de Lima The museum houses a variety of permanent and temporary exhibitions, ranging from pre-Columbian to modern Peruvian art and holds its widely attended annual auction benefit. Paseo Coln 125, Lima CC. De Espaa Natalio Snchez 181 -185 Santa Beatriz Lima.open Mon Sun =9.00-21.00. Benjaminiana, 7 visual artists from the view of Walter Benjamin A research of the theoretical legacy of Benjamin, a Jew German Philosopher, with some principles about the impact of visual technology that seem to remain alive. Until January 19. Curator; Rodrigo Quijano, Participation of seven visual artists. Praxis Av. San Martin 689 Barranco T. 477-2822 Jorge Delfin Vigil: Painting and drawing A top Peruvian artist with 10 individual exhibitions in Peru, France, United Estates of American and Indonesia. The exhibition will show a collection of oil paintings on canvas with mixed technique and drawing on paper. until January 7. Praxis arte 2003. Collective exhibition of painting, sculpture, drawing and carving since Tuesday 14. This exhibition will show a collection of works from 2,002 by distinguished national and foreign artists. La Galeria Conde de Monclova 255 San isidro T. Reflections of the memory, Pilar Aguirre. Exhibition of oil painting and aluminum carving. until January 11. Larco Mar Segundo nivel. Live exhibition of artisans Yachaywasi, an institute of conservation of ancient Andean technologies that are extinguishing, also the cultural promotion of these techniques and the trade of the products made by artisans from different communities of Peru such as Cajamarquilla, Shipibos, Chicheros, among others who will demonstrate their techniques on dying and textiles, also they will sell some products during the exhibition. Seor de Sipan. An exhibition that will show 10 replicas of garment and jewelry, and some photographys of the archaeological discovery and garment of the Seor de Sipan, from Chiclayo. Caf de las Artes Centro Cultural PUCP. Small format Long Visions is a collective exhibition of painting with the participation of Luz Becerra, Noriaki Namizato, Teresa Sheroth, Rosa Tomatis, Belinda Tami, Tuko Zegarra, Wiri Beale de Villanueva Meyer, Lina Buzo and Juan Chavez, until January 06. Pucllana Pre Columbian Tomb Pre-Inca temple right in the heart of Miraflores, some sections have been recently excavated with very interesting results. Small site museum. Archaeologists are usually around and willing to answer questions. Hullamarca Pre Columbian Tomb A restored pre-Inca pyramid right in the middle of the city, with a small site museum displaying objects found on the site. Puruchuco The word Puruchuco stand for feathered hat or feathered helmet. The site dates from the 15th and 16th century, and was used as an administrative center. On site, there is a restored Pre-Inca labyrinth of approximately 1500 m2 and also a site museum that features objects found in the area. Huaycan de Pariachi Archaeological remains dating from 1100-1200 a. C. Where ancient Peruvians would store grains. the Huaycan de Pariachi site covers 2000 m2 of land as is located at the km. 17.5 of the central highway on the left bank of the Rimac River. Book a Hotels in Peru to have a pleasant stay. 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