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Getting highly targeted visitors to come to your highly targeted Internet site, is the heart of the financial success of your online marketing promotions. Your lead traffic is drawn to the same keywords that title and make up your web site content, right? You are wasting your hard earned money if you do not match your traffic to your web site with careful keyword ads that match and highly relate to the keywords title and article content on your site. There are some online excellent training programs about this very topic. Career inter net entrepreneurs are constantly paying out many thousands of dollars to participate in on line and off line seminars on this very topic. I have paid for some of them myself. Always think, content to deliver to your target market. Just when you think you know everything, something new comes up like content submission that has to be worked on, recognized, learned and understood. The alternative is to fall behind competition very fast. You can be constructing the greatest home business Internet sites ever, in one way, but if the advertising and marketing and promotion do not bring users to your sites it is of zero value to you. Once visitors start coming to your site you can get tracking software that will let you know which pages they view, how long they stay and what brings them there. Amazingly, you can also learn what page they are on and when they leave the sites. This will all give you valuable clues as to how to get them, comfortably, to your purchase page and entice them all the way through the purchasing, confirmation and satisfaction process. Follow up with all sales to get valuable information from your purchasers. Those who do not follow up, you guessed it, fall behind real fast. If you follow up and help purchasers get your products up, running and working, guest what? They will give you priceless testimonials about your product you can use on your site and all over the inter net. This will be fabulous article content for your web site. Handle and satisfy complaints like your business life depends on it because it does. Satisfied complaints mean more nice powerful testimonials. All this, working to know why, information helps you improve your site, valuable reputation and article content for your home business Internet marketing and promotion knowledge. Do you see how much better this can make your business niche? Goals for enticing your online leads and marketing and promotion plans, if you are to succeed quicker, should include the following: To get instant low cost to sales highly targeted traffic to your site so that these users can let you know if your Web sales copy article content works. You have to be very scrupulous and know, in fine detail, if your order forms are optimum. You desperately want to know if the navigation is easy and if the opt in e-mail offer is making income for you. If the navigation is less that clear all is lost because leads will not know how to order from you. This is a common problem. Test to see if the online sales process you have set up works well by converting your home Web lead traffic into the greatest number of sales. If sales are going well you must always keep on top of them. This is because the inter net sales programs and tactics are brutally competitive. Some, maybe all, of the sharpest advertising know it alls are on the inter net now. To sleep or let up is to get run over by your competition. You want to bring the greatest number of highly focused consumers to your Web site in the least amount of time. I have bought lead programs that legitimately touted over one million leads that did not work. They were very cheap. The catch, I later learned, was that 100 highly focused leads that bring you five or six desired sales are worth more than a million leads that bring you no sales. Unfocused leads bring no sales, focused leads bring profitable sales. This may sound obvious but most online marketers never learn this important point. That is why most of them fail. Putting your Web traffic marketing and promotion campaign on autopilot, as much as possible, successfully grows your Internet home business. Always check back on and test your marketing campaigns though, lest the competition sneak up on you, and they always will, to take your profits away. When always testing your site, prior to launching marketing promotions, an incredible percentage of entrepreneurs do not know how to test and what to test. My philosophy and experience says to test everything. The basics to look at are ordering processes, the sales copy, e-mail offers and all site navigation. The ordering process, or map, should be designed assuming that consumers who buy from you have never done so online before. Have you ever forgotten about ordering products online because the navigation and process were impossible to understand? I have many times. While checking out sales copy, on your site, you want to pay close attention to how customer niche content and keyword grabbing the headlines are. Do you know what you are ordering and why? Your customer will want to know. Are benefits clearly spelled out? Is the guarantee easy to understand and clear? Is there a strong call to action? Opt in offers should be prominent and have a fulfilling look to your leads. The pointed purpose of testing is to make sure you are getting the contact information from your valuable consumer. Are you following the rules above? If so, they can be lured back to your site often, maybe forever. The optimum goal to look at when testing your site navigation is to make sure that someone who wants to buy your product or service online can do it in two easy clicks. I know I am harping at this but please understand, if they know how to order they can. If they cannot order, you are out of business quickly. If your market is under 35 years of age they want instant gratification. Give it to them and you will get your profit. 相关的主题文章:


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