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"Fair year-end bonus into the social anxiety behind (livelihood) – Shaanxi Channel – people.com.cn original title:" fair year-end bonus into the social anxiety behind (livelihood) small details attracted a large movement, pointing to different people behind the fair anxiety of endowment insurance recently, part of the provinces will be included in the year-end bonus of institutions endowment insurance contribution base, sparked controversy. To reduce the current income of distressed institutions insured was not satisfied: the wage is not high, from the line of a year-end bonus, not to fall into the social security income? Why many enterprises do not take the year-end bonus, equity, option income all included in base pay? In the enterprise who are not satisfied with the pension: pension benefits of institutions was higher than the enterprise of a year-end bonus in the future after the gap may be greater, the reform is to really narrow the gap? Insurance participants in different places are more likely to do a comparison: why some provinces did not mention the end of the year award thing, is not the place where their pension funds is not enough? End of the year award included in the payment base, the impact is not complicated: the current income is reduced, the future pension treatment to improve, the insured does not constitute a reduction in the overall interests. Small details lead to big movement, behind the different groups of people on the fairness of pension insurance anxiety. Promote fair, is the biggest significance pension merger. After the pension dual track have been repeatedly criticized, mainly because the track system is not unified. After the merger, everyone should pay, pay the same proportion, retirement plan hair method consistent. With a unified institutional arrangements, there will be a pension system based on fairness, reform and thus won the greatest consensus. This part of the province is included in the year-end bonus payment base, just touched the people of the system is not consistent with the concerns. The storm remind policymakers in the merger regime, but also strive to scale in operation, to maximize the realization of fairness. On the one hand, the operation measures should be based on the whole country, different provinces, large and medium-sized city, in base pay, project selection should insist on a ruler in the end, and be open and transparent. On the other hand, to face over the years the company insured employees to pay wages lower than the real wage, and ultimately affect the pension replacement rate, improve the implementation of the rules, make sure the base pay more close to the true ability to pay. When it comes to paying people nervous, but also reflects the social security tangle. Pay too much, this truth for so many years, who understand. But in real life, those days are not too well-off insured who would prefer to be in charge of the moment. Since last year, in order to reduce the cost of Corporate pressure, China’s two down payment of social security rates. In fact, the same pressure on the insured individuals also exist, the end of the year award included in the payment base also caused no small rebound in mood. It is necessary to resolve this tangle, and clear the payment base of proper control of base, lower rates, increase citizens gain a sense of, also let all participants willing to pay. (commissioning editor Li Jing and Wang Li)相关的主题文章:


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