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Eight mine warfare: Automobile anti thunder defeat the Japanese   Lei Shi Fen – Guizhou Channel – enemy fire people.com.cn Jinchaji militia in the flood buried mine mine warfare is the Eight Route Army and militia often use tactics, and as a result of the movie "landminebattle" known. In the war behind enemy lines, according to the first used for mine Arsenal specialized in manufacturing, dispensed to the main force, although powerful, but the amount is very small, generally used for an important battle. After 1941, the Eight Route Army began to vigorously promote the popularization of mine warfare, manufacturing various simple mines and the use of methods to mine warfare "threshold" rapidly decreased, the Eight Route Army also specially issued "mine manufacturing law" "all mine" and trigger device booklet, guidance to carry out mine warfare. The summer and autumn of 1941, the North launched mine warfare exercise with vigour and vitality, one time "the village will make mine, a mine", the emergence of a large number of heroes "explosion". Since then, mine use frequency and density in the rear battlefield is greatly improved, especially for the militia, mine power is far greater than those old-fashioned weapons in their hands, as a weapon against the invaders. The "anti mopping up" repeatedlyspectacular in October 1941, the Japanese army in North China sent thirty-sixth, 41 division, 9 brigade, fourth independent hybrid respectively, the Eight Route Army base in northern Taiyue "mop". The army was ready to release huangyadong Arsenal defenders mine more than 2500 stars, and also made some zoning of land mines. During the battle, the mines play a great power, like the October 8th Tunliu militia killed by Japanese commander and Wing Chief of staff, this is a great victory for the first time by the militia of mine warfare. The "anti mopping up" process, according to the Army civilian landmine killed more than 1100 Japanese troops, and achieved good results. Taihang base in May 1942 "anti mopping up" also used mines with fight. At that time, more than 1500 Japanese troops into the Taihang Mountains, tried to destroy the headquarters of the Eight Route army. The Eight Route Army guerrilla group to adhere to the inner organs and the main force to struggle against Japanese outside. In the Eight Route Army guerrilla group and the militia in the Japanese route on the positive Lilei, frequent attacks, the Japanese are not, nor keep seeking ", was forced to withdraw from the battle. The "mopping up" our soldiers and civilians for more than 800 times the size of the fight, a lot of killing the enemy. Since then, whether offensive or defensive, behind the battlefield will begin large-scale mines. In May 30, 1942, the Japanese "mopping up" marching to the Liaoning County, the front is filed with the infantry, followed by large supplies of cattle team. The Eight Route Army regiment 769th after the discovery of the enemy, immediately decided to check in Su Ting he nearby, they buried a large number of mines on the road, the road on both sides of the mountain is set in ambush positions. The enemy into the ambush area, minefield, the Eight Route Army immediately fired, an hour before the end of the battle, the Japanese killed more than 140, more than 40 horses and a large number of captured horse munitions. In May 1942 the Hebei Zhao Hu Cun battle, the Eight Route Army two even by relying on village mines, tunnel of fortresses, repulsed the enemy four times in 23 days)相关的主题文章:


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