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Your Child’s Low Scores Need Your Help Not Hatchel! Posted By: david grow Now-a-days, children get stressed and also become scared, when they are not able to keep up with the scores of their friends. Children get scared because they fear that their parents would get upset and react. The low scores of children have always been a major concern due to the peer pressure and is a subject of discussion in the play grounds of the society or kitty parties. This is the key that somehow encourages and creates stressful situations between parents and their children. However, the reason for low scores could be due to lacking of child’s interest in the studies or may be because of too much freedom. Freedom here refers to the flexibility granted by the parents to their children to a certain limit, to maintain a balance between studies and other stuff on their own. This is not always a bad thing until children start to take it for granted. Low scores do not mean that parent’s should continuously taunt and scold their kid. A sudden change in the parent’s behaviour, will simply disturb the child.

educators resources Don’t Just Be A Teacher To Students; Be Their Friend Too! Posted By: david grow The profession of teaching is considered as a noble act all around the world. It is said that a teacher is the first person who identifies the capability of a child. Most of the children don’t like studying and get bored during classes. This is not a new thing. The children find it boring, which makes it difficult for a teacher to keep the class engaged in the ongoing lessons. It is obvious that teachers in all most every school experience such situations and teacher resources seem to be of no help. There could be many reasons for children to loose concentration and attention in the class. It would help if a teacher could find out what exactly is the matter. It is advised that they talk to their students. This discussion would help to throw light on the fact that if the students are comfortable in sharing their thoughts with their teachers or not. The relationship of a student and his teacher, requires a little more than respect and obedience. A friendly approach to an extent would help a teacher to build up a more stronger relation. It would also help students to take interest in classes and teachings.

teacher resources Dangerous Student Test Announced Posted By: Heyward Ewart A new and unique test for dangerous students has been developed for trial by educators, counselors, and other experts. Created by Dr. Heyward Ewart, the 77-item "Dangerous Student Questionnaire" can be uploaded at his public website. "This is a test for experts to administer," Ewart cautions strongly. He adds that the instrument, still experimental, should be used in conjunction with other evaluation methods by qualified professionals, not used alone. "It is not offensive nor insulting for a student to take the test," he says, "because the items are not confrontational." He suggests that students can be put at ease further by giving the test to the whole student body so that no-one is singled out. He hopes that graduate students in education and the social sciences will use the new device as subject material for a thesis. All questions are designed to be read aloud by the examiner and answered YES or NO by the student. Positive responses indicate a risk to some degree, Ewart says, because every question can prompt an abnormal YES response.

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