Duncan, former economic adviser fraud 25 million upcoming hearing or sentenced to 25 years in prison bloxorz

The top 25 million Duncan economic adviser fraud or the upcoming hearing of Duncan had been sentenced to 25 years in prison before the brokerage advisory fraud Phoenix sports news Beijing on September 10th news, according to YAHOO sports correspondent Woj reports, sources have told him, Tim Duncan before the 2 sued former investment adviser Charles Banks from civil cases into criminal cases have been the case, now the 2 lawsuit will be in Texas in the United States Court accepted Banks, maximum 25 years imprisonment. Banks is a former investment adviser to Duncan, two people are not only business partners, the relationship is very close. Duncan is very honest trust in him, the money to take care of him by Duncan Banks rarely intervene, the trust began embezzlement, put Duncan’s money into his own company, or use Duncan’s signature to obtain benefits. In a recent security contract, Banks cheated Duncan can get $1 million 500 thousand in return, without authorization, the amount of the guarantee from $6 million to $13 million 500 thousand to $. And without the investment in the hotel, beauty products, sports goods and Wine industry, in his operation, Duncan has nearly $25 million affected, the direct loss at millions of dollars, Duncan demanding compensation. "When I first sued Charles – Banks, I just wanted him to stop attacking me and my family. The United States Department of justice after the intervention, to take further measures to detect and prevent his illegal acts. Thanks to the efforts of the American prosecutors and the FBI, it is your tireless work to bring Banks to justice." Duncan said. Legal document records show that Banks has a stake in Duncan and the economic interests of these investment projects, Duncan initially gave him a chance, let him stop the infringement, the return of his funds, just a civil lawsuit. Banks do not repent, insisted that Duncan did not have patience, can not wait until the withdrawal of funds, it is not necessary to tell him. Now the case rose to criminal cases, the U.S. Justice Department has been involved in the investigation of the crime of Banks, and have enough evidence. His passport has been confiscated, the case will be held on Friday, local time, Duncan and Banks will attend. Duncan is very relaxed, 19 years career earned a total of $240 million. After announcing his retirement this summer, the Spurs cut him down to make sure he would receive $5 million over the next three years. It is worth mentioning that, before Banks is also an investment adviser to Garnett. (who is)相关的主题文章:


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