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Self-Improvement The number of women diagnosed with drug addiction is less than men because women are unlikely to report alcohol or drug abuse than men. Although their numbers may be small compared to that of men, it’s equally important to understand how women abuse drugs and the reasons they use them. Studies have shown how female addicts behave according to how they use drugs and their purposes of doing so. Women use drugs to treat mood disorders Women are emotional and are often given doctor’s prescriptions that manage their emotional state. Many women suffer from depressive disorders, nervousness and other mood disorders. Research has shown that there are more women who abused prescription medications compared to their male counterparts. As there is an increase in drug usage, more women become addicted to these medications in order to feel better. Some women drug abusers mix prescription drugs with other illicit drugs like cocaine in order to obtain increase emotional wellness after intake. Women who have alcoholic parents It has been observed that there are more women who have been dependent on alcohol and drugs that come from families with parents who are drug and alcoholic abusers. These women often attribute their addictive behaviour to family background, environment and genetic makeup. Many women addicts also have relationships with addicted men and therefore reinforce their cravings and addiction. Women behaviors Many women addicts consume alcohol or take drugs by themselves while men prefer to do it in social events. That’s why there are more women who attempt suicide compared to men. Female addicts also are more open to express their negative feelings about their bodies and are prone to abuse drugs which would stall weight gain. As women differ from men in manner of addiction, there are also many drug treatment centers that cater to the special needs of women. There are various women whose reason for alcohol and drug abuse resulted from past traumatic experiences. In cases such as these, special considerations are made in order to address issues other than the addiction. As a rule, seeking therapy for women should be tailored according to every woman’s needs and causes. Since women are much more sensitive clients, issues relating to addiction and pregnancy for example, drug treatment programs have specific approaches to these types of needs. Inquiring of treatment plans and the whole process should be done prior to entering into any treatment center. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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