Deputy Center innovation speed source of Changan ready to set sail ca4111

Deputy Center innovation speed source of Changan ready to sail recently, Beijing city center social governance innovation thematic seminar symposium held in Tongzhou, the parties offer suggestions, explore new ways and new ideas of social governance under the construction of sub center. Take the sub center construction, Changan source (real estate data) in Tongzhou canal CBD Wuhe interchange, with 0.56 low dense buildings, the outer bearing canal, in the Great Lakes region, forming a rare, appropriate business appropriate live real estate model, write down the edges of heavy pen for the construction of the humanities business district core area. The canal CBD, Beijing New World Center Beijing dialogue window enlargement, CBD became the inheritance of China World Trade Center CBD canal enterprise headquarters. The canal CBD pooling of resources, scale is not less than China World Trade Center and Wangjing; in 2015 163 billion 880 million investment, rapid promotion of regional maturity; 8 km waterfront Forest Park Beijing rare; the Grande Canale, burning lighthouse humanities thick, formed with Changan as the center of the source of mellow waterfront property. The canal of the river, the source of Changan rare black hole stone buildings facade, the Royal Garden Building stone — black hole stone, the stone with sound-absorbing insulation, endothermic heat, water absorbing and acid and alkali resistance and other characteristics, precious stone and building facade hollow handle, harmony with the beauty of the canal, to highlight the characteristics of hydrophilic island building, as the era of wealth giant with a hundred years in order to classical architecture. Waterfront view mansion, Changan Club exclusive operation of Changan from the canal of the river, to create multi-functional public space, leisure space, to meet the high-end office and social. Negative layer under the jump, the first floor of the garden, two layers of balconies and the three floor attic, to create livable business platform. In addition, Changan source in many buildings, the selection of a maximum as the club of Changan, becoming the top choice for business elite dinner guests and business entertainment. 150-350 square meters, Anyuan long low density hydrophilic group, the first 16 seats, only the creation of the regional low density building value model. VIP:400-819-1111 to 610545相关的主题文章:


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