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Decoration season how practical and economic decoration? ?? The weather is neither hot nor cold, and the "golden nine silver ten" decoration season, many people choose in the autumn decoration. So, how should we decorate, both practical and economic? What are the decoration tips? The following small series to share a few strokes, to give you a reference. First, the ceramic tile to save money? In the decoration, to clear the decoration is expected to use how many years. If you intend to re decoration after five years, then in the selection of time do not have to be so expensive. In the selection of tile on the premise, there is no need to select several hundred dollars per square metre of tiles, some fifty or sixty yuan brick quality is also good, can complete the visual requirements from aesthetics, so you can save a lot of money. ? two, the cabinet money law? The cabinet is a relatively more expensive when decorating a. Many owners do not know how to calculate the decoration materials, the material price fluctuated, to the last money just to buy, this is wrong. Be sure to carefully calculate the material before buying, for example, when buying tiles, according to the size of the room to arrange the tiles. ? three, the door to save money? Now the door is divided into many kinds of solid wood doors, solid wood door, composite door, paint free door, including the door, etc.. As a general family to use, then the core door can be. The paper core door, bearing large, sound insulation effect is good, 400 yuan in the basic frame about. And when the two renovation, the door directly with a sandpaper grinding, spray paint would be as good as new. ? four, do waterproof money?? choose sanitary ware, to consider more functional. Now the construction unit to do the cheapest price of water is about 60 square meters. Brush waterproof is a very simple thing, if the owners are careful enough, this work can be done on their own. 3 square meters bathroom, waterproof material in a vat of whole brush two times, from the ground very close to brush three times, so basically enough. Just such a drawback, once the problem of water leakage, it can only bear their own responsibility.相关的主题文章:


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