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Babies-Toddler It seems that Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey is already destined to be.e the hot toy for Christmas 2010. With remote controlled action, including some charmingly, rude gestures it has been tipped as a definite favourite by many of the major toy retailers who are already re-ordering extra stock to meet the huge demand. And this kind of virtual-pet toy has been very popular before and it looks as if toy history will repeat itself this Christmas 2010. But there is already a stern warning from Dave the Monkey’s manufacturer, Wow! Stuff. They say that they will not be able to meet the demand as Christmas approaches. A shortage is almost certain so we can expect to see harassed parents searching all the local toy shops for this little cheeky monkey. The interest in the US for Dave has been stimulated by Toys-R-Us who has officially listed Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey as a popular, hot kids toy that is likely to be purchased from all of its US nationwide stores. Dave is made in China and to cope with the worldwide demand, a third production centre is to be opened. This additional factory aims to produce around 450,000 toys but it is feared that this extra stock will not hit the toy shops in time for the busy Christmas rush. Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey is certainly captivating and will probably be just as popular with adults as with the 5 to 12 year age group for which it was originally designed. I was a guest at a fancy dress party recently and I bumped into a pirate character with Dave the Monkey on his shoulder as a fitting accessory! Could this be the start of a new trend I wonder! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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