Cyber attacks and other information technology crimes to Hong Kong enterprises lost HK $1 billion 80-dataload

Network attacks and other information technology crime caused by Hong Kong enterprises annual loss of HK $1 billion 800 million – Beijing, Beijing, September 14, according to Hongkong "Ta Kung Pao" reports, DDT and the association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) published a report that the Hongkong information technology crime is rampant, from 2009 to 2015, the number of cases the average annual compound growth rate of 28.8%, last year the relevant economic losses amounted to a record $1 billion 820 million, up 52% year-on-year. The company’s information security investment is low, 40% of respondents (mostly chief financial officer or chief information officer) and even do not know whether the company has information security spending budget. In the digital context, various companies have established a number of contact with the foreign audience’s point of contact, and interact with them through the Internet and social media, and then adjust the operation mode and process, companies can expand more effective communication with customers through these channels. But at the same time, the company may also face cyber attacks, resulting in tangible or intangible business losses. Based on this situation, DDT China and ACCA jointly launched a survey to explore the company in the market encountered cyber attacks, as well as its response to threats. The survey included more than 300 chief financial officers and chief information officers from all walks of life in the mainland and Hongkong. The report shows that all industries are likely to suffer from the threat of cyber attacks, some companies suffered an average of two times a month or even more cyber attacks. Respondents also pointed out that some of the challenges in the field of network threats and information security, such as information disclosure, the lack of written guidelines, privacy complaints, hacking and non-compliance with privacy laws and regulations. However, only 50% of respondents for the company to implement information security measures, and there are 60% of the company did not improve the network security awareness training for employees. DDT China enterprise risk management services partner Guo Yiya believes that the new information technology can help promote business development, so companies in the field of investment is very positive attitude, but the board of directors of the company are rarely discussed the question of risk prevention. She pointed out that the company in the use of new technologies at the same time, if you do not improve the ability of information security, it will likely face a serious threat. Since the mobile devices and cloud technology and other emerging technologies, the use of more and more common in our daily lives, the company and the external audience contact channels will also increase, thus forming a more complex situation. The efficiency to solve the security failure or accident, many respondents said that the problem may be solved within one month, but some are due to a large number of security incidents, but has not been resolved in a month, so make the cost increase. Guo Yiya believes that the lack of adequate preparation, usually to deal with the root causes of low efficiency. Another survey by DDT research results pointed out that if the network attack is successful, companies need an average of 32 days to restore the system and files, the average cost of $1 million per month (about HK $7 million 800 thousand). Guo Yiya suggested that companies can consider outsourcing the work of information security, which can not only increase the company’s information security, but also reduce spending. .相关的主题文章:


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