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Branding Domain name is the most important factor for generating good volumes of web traffic to your website. A good site name is the key to good revenues for your business. However, choosing a domain name is a sort of challenge and requires a great deal of research and patience. A domain name, also known as URL (Universal Resource Locator), is the web address that Internet users type in to go to a specific website. In todays fast changing tech-world, people have extremely short memory span as far as remembering website names is concerned. As a website name leads potential customers to a website that promotes your business, it is a vital component of online business. Hence, choosing a domain name becomes even more important. Moreover, it is imperative that the website name reflects the kind of business in which you are dealing. For instance, if you deal in selling used automotives, then the name of your website should contain the word automotives in it, either as a part or whole. The name chosen should be short, simple, and point towards the business nature. In the above example, the domain name seems to be good as it is pointed and direct. You should be innovative and think out of box domain names. However, innovations should be based on industry specific keywords and not be generic in nature. Again, if you consider the above example, the name can be or Different individuals may have different domain name ideas , but they all agree on keeping it short and simple. The major advantages with the short names is that they are easy to remember and less open to typing mistakes. A typing mistake can lead your clients to a different website that is owned by your competitor, thus defeating the very purpose of owning a website. Further, it is sensible not to use hyphenated domain names. Internet users are not used to in typing hyphenated websites names, and one silly typing mistake can lead them to some other website. Otherwise also, it is easy to type rather than Domain extensions also play an important role in making the names popular. People often get confused in choosing the right extensions for their websites. Since the inception of Internet, dot com (.com) has been the most sought after domain extension. So, you should opt for a dot com instead of dot net (.net), dot org (.org), or dot biz (.biz). However, if you are dealing in products or services that are specific to a particular country, then using a country extension such as dot in (.in), or dot uk (.uk) is a good idea. It will attract customers belonging to that particular country. If you are finding it difficult to choose a name for your website, then you can ask for domain name suggestions from experts in this field. Once you have obtained suggestions for choosing domain names, test them by sampling them. It is known as test marketing and is the best technique to select a website name. This method allows you to confirm whether or not a particular site name will generate traffic for your site. Once you have test marketed the suggested names, select the best domain names out of them and use them for your website. After all, in Internet world, the name has it all. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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