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Chinese version of "Lost Book War": no one see the book by cleaning away the Sohu news many "lost book battle " book is cleaning away the lost book or show? The morning of November 15th, people suddenly discovered that once in the London Underground by Harry Potter movie actress "Hermione" Elmar Watson? Initiated collection of drama, showing at the same time in North Canton three. Organizers said that the activities of the reference to the Hermione collection, in contact with the person responsible for the London subway action to get support. Chinese version of lost books, ten thousand books will randomly placed in the subway, flight and ride drops, and invited Huang Xiaoming and Xu Jinglei jointly launched the two stars, which triggered the spread of viral. Collision point of view: advocacy of reading or marketing stunt in the circle of friends, indeed attracted the attention, but this time, a lot of opposition. Eight November 15th morning, this called "I have 10000 books, click on the amount lost in the north of Guangzhou Metro and you pass by the place" the activities of WeChat quickly exceeded 100 thousand +. It is reported that each book activities is through special processing: in addition to the cover with a "Lost Book War" eye-catching book and simple description, the title page with each book exclusive independent two-dimensional code, scan the code can understand this book "drift" trajectory, each found this readers can see before the reader comments. Good point, with a view Chinese version of the planning activities at home and abroad, what fire "copy" what is "peace of mind". Another point of view, it is under the banner of humane care, so that people fall into nothingness of self satisfaction, the spiritual world of young people do not help. As of now, the number of micro-blog # lost battle # reading book theme has reached 13 million 517 thousand, tens of thousands of people to participate in the discussion.相关的主题文章:


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