Chinese private Bo platform to build a domestic collection interactive interactive circle of friends

Chinese personal blog platform: build domestic collectors interactive "circle of friends" – in November 5th, the United Chinese platform by the private museum (hereinafter referred to as the "private blog platform") Chinese collection industry sponsored by the most influential event — the second "China private museum development summit" held in Suzhou the Peach Garden. The summit to "exchange, interaction and confrontation" as the theme, focusing on Chinese folk collection and private museum sustainable operation mode, and released through a series of heavyweight content and 160 million yuan sponsorship introduction, officially announced the first Chinese architecture oriented private collection home "Online + offline" 360 degrees "circle of friends", a move for Chinese private museums, China collection industry and the culture industry, is tantamount to a heavy events and milepost type reform. The bustling the Imperial Palace Museum, former Vice President Xie Fang, Chinese Collectors Association Deputy Secretary General Li Xiang, the Chinese cultural heritage development fund director Yang Zhiyong, the famous China heritage expert Cai Guosheng, China famous expert Yang Zhenhua, Chinese famous Ming and Qing furniture expert Pu Anguo, China art collectors association technology exchange center director Zhang Yong, Shanghai culture Ren Weijun, executive director of the Institute of UNESCO folk artist Zhang Xiaofeng, Jiangsu province Suzhou collectors association secretary general Jiang Yanbo and other more than 100 top domestic collectors, experts and scholars, cultural celebrities and private museum curators gathered more than 30 national media coverage focused, is a special trip to Suzhou to live and millions of people online to see the event, Become a rare cultural influence in recent years. Private cloud platform Bo Kai words of a large coffee private blog platform is the first focus of non communication and service platform of state-owned museums and private collectors, is also on the State Council executive meeting of the deployment of "encourage private legal cultural relics collection, and reflects the positive response to support the non-state-owned museum development". In February 2016, the first private museum China Development Summit held in Suzhou the Peach Garden, a private blog platform in the country declared hundreds of private Bo curator witnessed the establishment, and its business mission, hitherto unknown blueprint and vision, in one fell swoop harvest repercussions and wide influence an enthusiastic. The summit, Chinese famous calligrapher, private secretary general Cao Ziyu on behalf of private platform Bo Bo platform, the guests to review the personal blog platform mission and set up so far work; dean of the Imperial Palace Museum, Xie Fang former deputy Deputy Secretary General China collectors association chairman Li Xiang and other guests were keynote speech, operator of the road from personal experience starting to talk about the private museum. To build a comprehensive online and offline interaction of first "circle of friends" as the organizers of the summit, private blog platform at the summit were inaugurated, including private exhibition website and personal blog search on-line, private blog platform 9 service system and the "2016 annual industry China private museum development white paper", released a series of blockbuster release, also issued a formal letter to the Organizing Committee of experts expert members include Cai Guosheng, Yang Zhenhua, PU, anguo. Private Bo platform director and director of operations Sun Haiming.相关的主题文章:


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