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China high iron will not be bound hand and foot debt in September 10th, high-speed railway from Zhengzhou to Xuzhou officially opened operations, once again improved China high-speed rail network, the eastern and western people’s high speed rail travel more convenient. At the same time, the national railway once again usher in a major adjustment of the operation chart. Zheng Xu high-speed rail operators, also let China high speed railway mileage over 20 thousand km mark, continue to stand in the world’s first high iron scale, accounting for more than the total mileage of high-speed railway operation world 60%. Zheng Xu high-speed rail line length of approximately 360 kilometers, its length is far inferior to the Beijing Guangzhou, Beijing Shanghai, Lanzhou, the existing high-speed rail line, but with a number of railway lines Zheng Xu high-speed railway, has opened up the key role of the national high-speed rail network "two big puleses", to consolidate and improve the high-speed rail network of great significance. Zheng Xu high-speed rail connection in the eastern part of the two Beijing Guangzhou high speed rail lines will connect with the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, in the construction of high speed railway, high speed railway and Ji Zheng Zheng together high-speed etc.. Zheng Xu high-speed rail after the opening, Zhengzhou, Ji’nan, Nanjing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other cities to achieve a 4 hour direct. Zheng Xu high-speed rail high-speed rail network to the northwest through Zhengzhou and the Yangtze River Delta high-speed rail network connection, open up the Central Plains region to the east end of the road, marking the official website of China’s high-speed rail network. Recently, video is quite popular in the network, a European video to do the experiment at the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, in the high-speed operation of the car in a coin would be down for 8 minutes, but the same test in the Japanese Shinkansen has repeatedly defeated. Although this test can prove the stability is higher or lower, and can not explain the other problems, but Chinese high iron in recent years from scratch, from follower to leader, this miraculous development is an indisputable fact. China high-speed rail has a variety of complex geological conditions and the ability to operate in a climate environment, safe and reliable, high technology and high speed rail, has become a world oriented business card". Technical performance, safety, cost, and so on, one of the concerns about China’s high-speed rail was broken, but perhaps the speed of development is too fast, the question of high-speed rail is always old, new and new. Recently, the focus is reflected in the relatively high concentration of China’s high-speed rail operators overall losses, high debt, its rapid development can be sustained? This concern is understandable. China Railway Corporation’s audit report shows that as of the first half of this year, total liabilities of 4 trillion and 210 billion yuan. Huge liabilities brought huge interest expenses, the total expenditure of iron in the first half of 31 billion 900 million yuan. The huge debt concerns are normal, but if a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the total liabilities of iron will be found, from a long-term perspective, the 4 trillion debt, the final will be the driving force of China’s economic and social development and non resistance. For a long time, China’s railway transport capacity is very tight, with the sustained and rapid growth of the national economy, the bottleneck of transport constraints increasingly serious. In the high-speed rail construction under the background of the overall speed, in recent years, the railway company’s annual debt growth of more than 400 billion. While expanding the total liabilities of iron, high-speed rail network has become increasingly perfect, the corresponding region of the flow of people, logistics and capital flows also accelerate the operation. Under the guidance of China’s long-term railway network planning, high-speed rail construction is steadily advancing, by 2020 the scale will be.相关的主题文章:


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