Changes in the era of college entrance examination Counselor transformation or be eliminated didadi

Changes in the era of college entrance examination Counselor: transformation or be eliminated? College entrance examination reform era Consultant: transition or eliminated click on the application of college entrance examination planning industry summit prize survey: take dad mom into the buddies in college entrance examination of college entrance examination industry summit held in November, the college entrance examination process planning industry summit independent recruitment competition on all subjects required the collection cover letter writing 8 taboos for learning what professional admission test a key recommendation for college entrance examination reform of college rankings so that students and parents nervous, but there is a group of people, but also had to hurry and carefully adjust themselves to deal with the many changes. They are college entrance examination counselors. As candidates and parents of the private think tank, the entrance examination reform to bring pressure on the family, but also naturally transferred to the college entrance examination on the shoulders of volunteer counselors. On the one hand, the change in the test portfolio, so that children have more autonomy, they need to determine the future direction of development. A qualified college entrance examination consultant will have to spend more energy to communicate with them, and form their own judgment. Sometimes, even the children themselves do not exactly love which major future wish to engage in what occupation. With the college entrance examination admission batch, let the college entrance examination number consultants need to face the college and professional turned over several times, with big data seems to be the most sensible choice, but how to collect and analyze data, is the test of skill place. It is not only a college entrance examination thick leather book can solve the problem of the times, those who have not kept up with the development trend of the consultants will eventually be eliminated. At the same time, the fierce competitive pressures for parents to grow more and more worried about their children. A clear and scientific planning studies, is undoubtedly the best antidote to alleviate the anxiety. But there is also more emphasis on the importance of accompanied by: parents always want to give their children the best future, how can the college entrance examination counselor to come up with the most perfect solution? In the face of many challenges, there have been a number of college entrance examination counselors began to explore and innovate. However, in order to promote the whole industry forward, only single handedly is tantamount to an utterly inadequate measure. College entrance examination reform era of the college entrance examination consultant need to find the correct benefit by mutual discussion, transformation of the road with the fastest speed. If you want to take advantage of the changes, so that their rapid charging, then November 22nd will be an opportunity you can not miss. The same day, the college entrance examination in 2016 Sina planning industry summit will be held in Beijing, as an important part of the ninth Sina Education Festival, the summit will through the big coffee said, roundtable forums, site and other aspects of the interaction is the most advanced and authoritative industry concept, and issued a "College entrance examination plan" white paper industry rise. With the famous communication college entrance examination experts, from top experts in education, to keep up with the times change trend, discuss industry development plan, we are waiting for your arrival! Sina 2016 college entrance examination planning process of college entrance examination 2016 Sina Industry Summit planning industry summit plans to invite the guest list process form the Ministry of education examination center of Peking University director Dai Jiagan (scores, professional settings 4相关的主题文章:


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