Online shopping accounted for CCTV 315 party complaints 25%, micro business shopping back to normal 女装正太mypico

CCTV 315 party online shopping accounted for 25% complaints: micro business shopping back into normal 3 and 15 party CCTV released a number of micro shopping rebate business hot complaints to normal yesterday, 3 and 15 Party issued a number of hot complaints, many e-commerce sites are named, because selling in network transaction mode emerging micro business also has many problems, especially the WeChat shopping rebate has become a norm. According to statistics, up to now, online shopping related complaints account for 25% of all complaints, and become the largest number of hot complaints received by 3 / 15 party. Online shopping counterfeiting phenomenon is more serious, in many online shopping complaints, the quality of goods substandard and counterfeit phenomenon is more serious. Mr. Li bought a LV bag for his wife to pay ten thousand yuan price 4000 in the Jingdong store, later found the package for the counterfeit goods, through the counter genuine contrast, there are obvious differences in the production process, and the counter staff to bag brand refused to give the package lettering services. Mr. Lee contacted the customer service staff of the electricity supplier, requiring businesses to provide the package certified for genuine goods. Jingdong mall asked him to negotiate with the seller himself, but many negotiations were still fruitless. Some of the jewelry seal forgery detection a consumer in Taobao to buy a beeswax hand string, after receiving the inspection found that the hand on jewelry appraisal certificate with the false certificate, the above testing personnel test center name and URL and seal are fake. The consumer in the two days of bad complaints, this commodity shelves, but a few days later, the business before the sales records cleared, re shelves. After the customer reported to Taobao, the customer service staff said the evidence was insufficient. There are many complaints belonging to online shopping, the quality of goods inconsistent with the publicity. In February 17, 2014, Mr. Li bought a "leather" sofa in the flagship store of several home stores in Tmall mall. The customer service promised to guarantee the quality for three years. Mr. Li began to use it in the second half of 2014. In December 2015, the surface of the sofa began to tear, and it was found not to be genuine leather from the fracture. Mr. Lee has contacted many times, but the market has been away from various reasons for sale. The cancellation of orders has become a "chronic disease". In the large number of complaints received, the case of online merchants unilaterally cancelling orders is still a long-standing problem for consumers to defend without consumer consent. Mr. Shi bought 4 pieces of promotional GPS watches during the "6 & 18" campaign of Jingdong mall, with a price of 10 yuan after the discount. After payment, the merchant does not deliver the goods in time, and in a few days after the unilateral cancellation of customer orders without reason. Complaint to Jingdong mall, finally, Shi only got 1000 Beijing beans (equivalent to 10 yuan) compensation. Some micro business disguised pyramid in online shopping, micro business become the network transaction mode, emerging in recent years, rapid development, but because most of the micro business transaction is person to person, and the micro business into government regulation is not a long time, so there are a lot of problems. WeChat does not give back to buy things, has become a normal. Some micro dealers are selling disguised brands under the banner of selling goods. A complainant called Lin

网购占央视315晚会投诉25%:微商购物不退成常态   央视3・15晚会发布一号热点投诉 微商购物不退成常态   昨天,3・15晚会发布一号热点投诉,多家电子商务网站均因售假被点名,此外,新兴的网络交易模式微商也存在很多问题,尤其是微信上买东西不退成为一种常态。据统计,截至目前,网络购物相关的投诉占全部投诉量的25%,成为3・15晚会收到的数量最多的热点投诉。   网购假冒现象比较严重   在众多的网络购物投诉中,商品质量不合格和假冒的现象比较严重。   李先生为妻子在京东商城以一万四千余元价格付款购买了一款LV女包,后来发现该包为假冒商品,通过专柜对比正品,在工艺制作上存在明显的差异,且专柜人员以包存在品牌问题拒绝给该包进行刻字服务。   李先生联系这家电商的客服人员,要求商家提供该包为正品的证明。京东商城却要求他与卖家自行协商解决,多次交涉仍无果。   部分饰品伪造检测公章   一位消费者在淘宝购买到一款蜜蜡手串,收货后查验发现,随手串附带的珠宝鉴定证书为假证书,上面的检测人员姓名和检测中心网址以及公章都是伪造的。这位消费者在差评投诉两天内,此商品下架了,但几天后,商家把之前的销售记录全部清零重新上架。消费者举报给淘宝后,客服人员却称证据不足。   有很多投诉属于网购中的商品质量与宣传情况不符。李先生于2014年2月17日在天猫商城“几度家居旗舰店”购买了一款“真皮”沙发,客服承诺质保三年。李先生于2014年下半年开始使用,2015年12月沙发表面开始撕裂,从断口处发现根本不是真皮。李先生多次联系,但商场售后一直以各种理由推脱。   商家取消订单成“老大难”   在收到的大量投诉中,未经消费者同意,网络商家单方面取消订单的案例仍然是让消费者无处申辩的老大难问题。   施先生在京东商城 “6・18”活动期间购买了4块促销的儿童GPS手表,优惠后价格为10元 块。付款之后,商家未按时发货,并于几日后单方面无故取消客户订单。投诉到京东商城,最终,施先生只得到了1000京豆(相当于10元钱)的补偿。   一些微商进行变相传销   在网络购物中,微商成为近年来新兴的网络交易模式,发展迅速,但由于大部分微商是个人对个人的交易行为,且微商纳入政府监管的时间并不长,所以存在很多问题。微信上买东西不给退,已成为了一种常态。   更有一些微商打着卖商品的旗号变相传销。一位投诉者称自己加入微商后,感觉更像掉入了一个假货团队的销售陷阱。先交了1000元的加盟费,货到手以后发现是假货,要求退费后就被踢出了群。在这个团伙中,每加入一个人,可以提取加盟费的60%。目前,这个团队已经从 56个人,发展到112个人。   同样,2015年在中国消费者协会受理的投诉中,远程购物投诉共20083件,占销售服务类投诉的69.86%。在远程购物投诉中网络购物占比95.41%,比上年同期上升3.13%。在远程购物中,消费者主要投诉的对象涉及电商平台、以微商为代表的个人网络商家等。   北京晨报记者 陈琳相关的主题文章:


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WeChat cash charges behind the next fight and plot 绥化学院

WeChat cash charges behind the Ming and dark when people enjoy the Spring Festival gala for Wen Yuanjun, and the Spring Festival holiday, many people are not aware of the payment system of Ali and Tencent have entered the white hot pinch. Ali’s dedication and Tencent red packets, so that everyone strongly felt the Internet payment tool for users to compete for strength. A few days later, the industry began to "critical" look at Ali "dedicated Fu" activities, at least in the eyes of many senior industry observers, Ali repeatedly cut social payments to the grand hope not to win the good effect. In stark contrast to the WeChat red, keep the leading data – but extremely The path winds along mountain ridges. in social field is still in the post, the Tencent WeChat announced the withdrawal fees notice, overnight and will suffer Ali shifted the focus to the Tencent, people began to spit slobber, while showing the Tencent public relations deal with such a hasty, apparently not the market response in advance to make careful preparations. The Tencent’s announcement will not be repeated here, but the statement is a need to look at the information, namely Tencent repeatedly emphasized, the charge is not for profit, but because the bank will be based on the interface data, every transaction to the Tencent to charge a fee. The information back to parse out at least three key meanings: first, the Tencent has been for the user to pay, to pay bank charges; secondly, along with the user payment frequency increase, and pay costs have been high to Tencent feel could not carry it; third, the Tencent only cash business charge service fee to the user, the fee is still lower than the banks charge to the Tencent’s fee, so only Tencent to reduce their costs, not to enter the earnings. Then the two problems: first, the bank charged interface in the business transfer fee to WeChat, in fact is not the secret message, when the bank’s own inability to Internet, and Tencent such enterprises to help the financial ecology into the Internet era, whether the bank charges a stumbling block of business and technology upgrade? Second, please don’t take Tencent as a completely isolated case, Tencent also stressed in this announcement, WeChat transfers and red envelopes and other services remain free, subtext is as long as the transaction in the Tencent in the ecological, Tencent will continue to provide free services, is only related to the Bank of the non Tencent in ecology the financial entity, the Tencent only reluctantly charge (according to Tencent’s tone, this is not charged, but the bank charges, ask consumers to charge, is equal to the cost of collecting). The subtext of this signal is that if users are willing to go deeper into Tencent’s own financial ecology, it can completely avoid bank charges. The first question is no solution of the problem, a similar routine from Sinopec to the three operators, It is often seen. does not belong to the banking industry, the characteristics, not shouting slogans can shake the three feet of ice; second, it can further decipher more illocutionary meaning: 1. Not long ago, the Tencent officially launched the "micro public bank", in other words, the Tencent and WeChat’s attempt to have not only the users of social relations with the payment tool for bank payment to do the wedding dress, Tencent bosom edge fierce soldiers, is self banking, from the financial ecology)

微信提现收费背后的明争与暗谋   文 袁俊   当人们享受春晚、假期与春运的时候,很多人没有意识到阿里与腾讯支付体系的对掐已经进入了白热化。阿里的敬业福与腾讯的红包,让每个人强烈地感受到互联网支付工具对用户的争夺力度。几天后,业内就开始“批判性”地审视阿里的“敬业福”活动,至少在很多资深行业观察者心目中,阿里反复寄望切入社交支付的宏伟图谋仍未赢得良好效果。形成鲜明对比的是微信红包,在社交领域内依旧保持了极其领先的数据——但峰回路转,腾讯在节后宣布微信提现收费的公告,一夜间将阿里遭受的口诛笔伐转移了焦点,人们开始向腾讯吐口水,而腾讯公关呈现出的应对如此仓促,显然未对市场反响提前做出周密准备。   腾讯的公告这里不再重复,但其声明中需要审视的是一个信息,即腾讯反复重点强调,提现收费并非为盈利,而是因为银行将根据接口调用数据,每一次交易均向腾讯收取手续费。该信息背后能解析出至少三个关键表达意义:其一,腾讯一直在为用户买单,向银行支付手续费;其二,伴随用户支付行为频次提升,“代付”成本已经高到腾讯都觉得扛不住的地步;其三,腾讯仅仅就提现业务向用户收取手续费,手续费仍然低于银行向腾讯收取的手续费,所以腾讯只是为降低自身成本,并非借此进入盈利。   那么两个问题接踵而来:第一,银行向微信收取接口业务中的转账手续费,其实是并不算隐秘的消息,当银行自身无力互联网化,而腾讯这样的企业帮助金融生态进入到互联网化的时代,银行的手续费是否构成商业科技升级的绊脚石?第二,请别把腾讯看作一个完全孤立的个例,腾讯在本次公告中还强调,微信转账与红包等业务仍然保持免费,背后的潜台词是只要在腾讯生态内交易,腾讯将持续提供免费服务,只是涉及到银行这一非腾讯生态内的金融实体,腾讯才无奈地收取费用(参照腾讯的口吻,这不是收取费用,而是将银行收费的部分,问消费者收取,等于是代收费用)。这个信号的潜台词,是用户如果愿意更深入腾讯自有金融生态,完全可以规避银行手续费。   第一个问题,属于无解的问题,类似的套路从中石化到三大运营商,屡见不鲜,本不属于银行业的特质,也不是喊喊口号就能撼动的三尺之冰;可第二个问题,却能进一步解读出更多的言外之意:其一,不久前,腾讯正式上线“微众银行”,换句话说,腾讯与微信的图谋,已不只是将用户社交关系结合支付工具而为银行收付款做嫁衣,腾讯怀中的利刃凶兵,是自营银行业务,将自金融生态再做一次升级;其二,腾讯同步颁布数以百万计的线下支付场景,包括公共事业费,停车场,餐厅,零售门店等——腾讯希望形成的共识是,微信支付已经能起到“去货币化”的支柱作用,用户缘何还需要微信支付之外的货币?   不过单纯从公关角度,本次微信提现手续费的事件,继续折射出腾讯公关部门的效率不佳,未客观预估舆论风险的问题,应对策略无论是时效性还是有效性,均未达到理想状态。回过头将腾讯的诸多信息串联起来却会发现,腾讯的“微信提现收费”只是一个显性事件,企鹅的暗谋正在不声不响地展开,而且看上去杀伤力不容小觑。   (作者系牵牛信息科技联合创始人 总裁,作者观点不代表本报立场)(编辑:黄锴,邮箱:huangk@@21jingji)相关的主题文章:


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Easy to believe the United States stopped RMB rose more than 600 points, brush a new high in the new 喜君贻我一枝春

Easecredit: United States Hugh RMB rose more than 600 points to refresh a new high this year clients view the latest market outlook market review by the United States in January retail sales data to regain momentum boost, the dollar index on Friday finally get rid of the first four trading days last week, the continuous decline in the trend, after the test 96 mark integer. Non US currencies were mixed. The first four trading days last week, significant gains in the euro and the yen on Friday have pared some gains, affected by the Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen dovish speech, the euro and the yen last week showed a continuous rise in prices, the USDJPY fell to 15 month low. At the same time. The biggest weekly decline since October 2008. RMB against the U.S. dollar spot Monday rose more than 600 points in early trading, a record high, the central price also appreciated nearly 200 points, nearly a month and a half high. Some analysts said that during the Spring Festival today RMB rose main international dollar adjustment and offshore CNH rose by the dollar index adjustment and gradually improve the exchange rate elasticity of offshore and onshore spread or not is a good opportunity, how the market will pay more attention to the performance of subsequent middle price. [micro-blog] Chinese central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan stressed that the RMB still remained stable against a basket of currencies, but also help ease the expected depreciation; and today China latest customs trade surplus data is reaching a record high, but the influence of data on foreign exchange market Co.; after the customer purchase repayment on the market has not yet reflected. In Europe today, the main concern is the eurozone trade account data, the overall market trend will follow the risk sentiment given by the stock market. In New York, the market in the United States was closed for the day of Washington’s birth. The main need to pay attention to the European central bank governor Delaki’s speech, Delaki’s words or can find some clues to the direction of the ECB monetary policy. Click to view the calendar calendar 18:00 eurozone February trade balance 22:00 the European Central Bank (ECB) president of the United States because of Washington’s birthday anniversary speech, the market closed for a day to remind the main monetary analysis report click on the euro against the dollar last week EURUSD dollar overall view technology is still under pressure, the global economic slowdown worries triggered turmoil in financial markets caused the dollar fell for 3 weeks. Last Friday, the U.S. retail market was better than expected, and the rally before the weekend helped push the dollar back, but the outlook remained negative. The U.S. will announce the minutes of the Fed meeting, inflation and manufacturing data, and if the data is poor, the dollar will continue to bear pressure. In addition, Delaki, the president of the European Central Bank (ECB), will speak at the European Parliament, based on the recent Euro strength, it is expected to remain dovish. On the same day: the euro fell against the dollar. The upper pressure is 1.1260-1.1320, and the lower support 1.1185-1.1120. Sterling against the dollar GBPUSD last week, the pound closed against the U.S. dollar close to 1.4500, the central bank’s position is extremely dovish, Carney said that it will not raise interest rates. Although the UK economy is still very active, the key driver of sterling against the dollar is still next week’s European Union meeting. The reform will take place on February 18th and 19.

易信:美国休市人民币大涨逾600点刷新年内新高 客户端 查看最新行情   行情回顾展望   受1月美国零售销售数据重拾动能的提振,美元指数周五终于摆脱了上周前四个交易日的连续下跌走势,盘中测试96整数关口。非美货币方面涨跌互现,上周前四个交易日涨势明显的欧元和日元周五纷纷回吐了部分涨幅,受美联储主席耶伦鸽派言论的影响,欧元和日元上周均出现了连续上涨的行情,其中美元兑日元一度跌至15个月的低点,同时录得2008年10月以来最大的单周跌幅。   人民币兑美元即期周一早盘大涨逾600点,创年内新高,中间价亦升值近200点,创近一个半月新高。有分析称,今日人民币大涨主因春节期间国际美元调整以及离岸CNH大涨所致,在美元指数调整且离岸与在岸价差不大时逐渐提升汇率弹性或是较好时机,市场会更关注的后续中间价如何表现。中国央行[微博]行长周小川仍强调人民币对一篮子货币保持稳定,亦助力缓和贬值预期;而今日中国海关最新贸易顺差数据虽创出历史最高纪录,但数据对外汇市场影响有限;节后客户购汇还款对市场的影响亦暂未体现。   今日欧洲时段,主要关注欧元区的贸易帐数据,料整体市场走势将跟随股市给出的风险情绪。纽约时段,美国市场因华盛顿诞辰休市一日,料交投会比较清淡。主要需要留意欧洲央行行长德拉基的讲话德拉基的言辞中或能找到一些欧洲央行货币政策走向的线索。 财经日历   点击查看财经日历 18:00欧元区二月贸易帐   22:00欧洲央行(ECB)行长发言   美国因纪念华盛顿诞辰,市场休市一日 主要货币提醒   点击查看技术分析报告   欧元兑美元 EURUSD   上周美元整体依旧承压,全球经济放缓担忧引发的金融市场动荡导致美元连跌3周。上周五美国零售好于预期加上周末前结利盘涌现推动美元反弹,但前景依然偏负面。后市美国将公布美联储会议纪要、通胀和制造业数据,若数据不佳,则美元将继续承压。此外欧洲央行(ECB)行长德拉基将在欧盟议会发言,基于近期欧元走强,预计总体保持鸽派。当日内: 欧元兑美元呈下跌趋势。上方压力1.1260-1.1320,下方支撑1.1185-1.1120。   英镑兑美元 GBPUSD   上周英镑兑美元收平于1.4500附近,英国央行立场极为鸽派,卡尼表示目前不会升息。虽然英国经济数据仍很积极,但英镑兑美元的关键驱动因素仍是下周的欧盟会议。改革或会在2月18日及19日的会议中得到同意,以避免英国退出欧盟。目前,部分改革内容仍存在争议和不确定性。如果改革被通过,则英镑会获得支撑。当日内:英镑兑美元看涨。上方压力:1.4570- 1.4670,下方支撑:1.4440-1.4320。   美元兑日元 USDJPY   日本央行(BOJ)宣布实施负利率后,美元 日元于121.6一线,之后下跌千余个点,避险需求助涨日元,市场恐慌情绪加重,汇价一度跌至110.9附近低点。周五日本央行官方未提出正式措施,但有业内人士认为日本央行可能采取了一些操控,以阻止日元下跌。技术面看,美元兑日元上涨似乎只是整理态势,日图技术指标已停止急速下跌,但维持在极度超卖区域,未现进一步反弹。当日内:美元兑日元持续上升。上方压力:114.25-115.85,下方支撑:113.00-111.60。   澳元兑美元 AUDUSD   澳洲经济数据改善令澳联储短期内进一步偏鸽的风险下降。市场焦点将投向澳洲1月就业数据。预计即便数据改善的节奏放缓,对市场利率预期的影响也相对有限。中国因素也将是澳元关注的重点,因其影响着澳大利亚的外部需求预期。中国贸易帐及通胀数据一旦公布,澳元预计会在反弹的过程中遭遇抛盘。因为市场风险偏好在短期内仍不可能出现持续性改善,澳联储货币政策预期持稳的时长有限。当日内:澳元兑美元呈上升趋势。上方压力:0.7170-0.7225,下方支撑:0.7090-0.7025。   美元兑加元USDCAD   美国上周四公布首次申领失业救济人数下降1.6万人之后,周五公布的1月份零售销售按月上升0.2%,而扣除汽车及汽油的零售销售则按月升0.4%,好于市场预期,美元上周尾盘呈现反弹,不过纽约期油上周五急速反弹至每桶29美元水平,令美元兑加元再度受压,反覆回落至1.3815附近,该因素将不利美元兑加元的短期表现。当日内:美元兑加元呈下跌趋势。上方压力:1.3865-1.3965,下方支撑:1.3790-1.3710。   现货黄金 GOLD   周四的上涨刷新了金价七年多来的最大单日涨幅,国际金价继前一交易日大涨近5%之后,周五受获利回吐的影响而下跌。全球金融市场不稳定、美元走低和全球股市的下跌,促使投资者买入黄金避险。美联储主席耶伦周三于国会作证时承认了全球经济下滑、金融条件紧缩程度超出联储预期,同时在谈到欧洲一些央行推行的负利率政策时被市场解读为美联储也不排除实行负利率的可能,这在打压美元走低的同时更使得黄金受到追捧。短期内,支持黄金走高的因素料将继续存在,而唯一不确定的美联储加息步伐成为影响国际金价走势最重要的因素。当日内:现货黄金存在压力,或向下。上方压力:1246.7-1274,下方支撑:1215-1185.9。   现货白银SILVER   周一亚市盘初白银大跌逾2%,并刷新日低。上周五因美元反弹,且欧美股市双双大涨,银价承压微幅走低,并最终收在15.7一线。本周将有以美国CPI为首的一连串经济数据公布,同时还有美联储1月会议纪要和部分决策者的讲话,届时将对银价产生一些影响。当日内:现货白银向下反转。上方压力:15.80-16.20,下方支撑:15.25-14.85。   NYMEX原油 OIL   上周原油价格探底回升,总的来说,上周下跌5%。虽然周五尾盘油价受空头回补支撑收回部分跌幅,但合作减产无果、原油库存高企、供应过剩忧虑以及全球放缓打压需求等因素施压油价在本周的交投中最终收低。本周市场的焦点转向美联储1月的会议纪要,原油库存以及全球股市走向引发的市场风险偏好情绪。当日内:原油持续上升。上方压力:29.80-31.40,下方支撑:27.80-26.00。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章:


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