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Home-Securtiy A sharp nine-year-old girl has a biting message to a 51-year-old man, according to an article on myfoxboston..: “You deserve to stay in jail because you break into peoples houses. Stop breaking into peoples houses and do something with your life.” This advice was directed to Pedro Gomez, whom police are labeling a career criminal. According to investigators, he attempted to break into over a dozen houses—all within the span of hours. One of the failed attempts occurred to a house where the nine-year-old was at at the time. Gomez’s floundering break-in attempts occurred in Shrewsbury, Mass. I’m not so sure he’s a true “career criminal,” because he certainly didn’t do things like a prolific burglar would. This sounds more like random, haphazard, desperate, non-calculated attempts to bust into the nearest homes. Pedro even apparently stacked patio furniture up against windows in one of his break-in attempts. There are different kinds of robbers, and one of them is that of the unskilled kind who breaks into homes to get whatever cash or small sellable items he could get his hands on to support his next drug fix. This could very well be the type of criminal that Gomez is. Gomez tripped an alarm when he tried to get in through a slider type of door, continues the myfoxboston.. article. It was there that the police caught up with him. The report says that he had already broken into houses in three other towns. Though he didn’t exactly hang his head upon being arrested, he will have plenty of time in prison to reflect upon the advice of the nine-year-old girl. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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