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Black tour forced charges slapped tourists face 5 suspects jingfangxingju September 17th, with visitors to participate in the one-day tour of Beijing was rejected two times because of fraud, charges were slapped Tour event triggered hot. 27, my bureau officially informed, five suspects were arrested, two other suspect has been locked, the police are arresting work. At noon on September 17, 2016, the Municipal Public Security Bureau 110 police service center has received two public warning: No. 3 parking lot in two, because the tour forced charges were hit. After receiving the alarm, the Municipal Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to immediately sent police rushed to the scene to carry out the work. At the same time, in accordance with the requirements of Beijing city tourism market special rectification work leading group coordination mechanism, timely communicate with the Municipal Tourism Commission and other departments, and in accordance with the unified deployment of the leading group, organize the implementation of related work. After the investigation and evidence collection and combing investigation, the police initially identified and locked the suspect identity. In September 18th, the Changping branch of the criminal investigation, public security organization, the legal department of the elite forces, in conjunction with the Municipal Public Security Bureau of the relevant departments to set up a task force dispatched to Hebei, Henan and other places of evidence and the implementation of arrest suspects. In September 22nd, 23, in Beijing, Hebei and other places will be Han Mou (male, Inner Mongolia Baotou people), Chen (female, Henan Province, Jiaozuo city), Lee (female, Heilongjiang Province, Jixi city people), Wang (male, Hebei Province, Zunhua City, Dong Mou (male). Inner Mongolia Baotou city people) and other five suspects were arrested. Currently, the Changping branch of the five suspects have been taken in accordance with the criminal detention coercive measures. The other two fugitive suspects involved in the case, the police are arresting work. After review, since the beginning of December 2015, Mr. Han, Chen mustered Lee, Wang, Dong, a (male, large) who formed a gang, with "low by LAN, half-way fare" way to engage in illegal tour activities. According to the suspects confessed, in order to reduce the inspection and access to tourists trust, the use of rental vehicles traveling tourists, the driver is not fixed. Specific operating mode is: every showmanship staff at the front door, the Imperial Palace and other places at a low price (price 40 to 100 yuan) to the Great Wall, Ming Dynasty Tombs, and the "bird’s nest and the water cube tour for lunch and fare and no charge as bait to attract tourists, once the two sides on a good price, showmanship personnel directly to tourists to Mr. Han’s illegal tour departure point or hire the visitor to here. In order to defraud the trust of tourists, Han arranged specifically for the unauthorized publication of the two travel agreement. After the arrival of visitors to the starting point, Dongmou is responsible for the registration of tourist information on the two single. Visitors to gather together about 30 people, Dongmou notice Han, Han contacted by a tour guide on board, Dongmou and guide after the handover. The day of the incident, the victim Deng a line of two people in the tour of the Imperial Palace after consultation with an illegal tour showmanship staff, to 40 yuan per person after the price negotiated, by finding the car showmanship staff two people sent to South Korea on the start point of the bus car. 11 am, the bus together enough to more than more than 30 tourists, Han contact Chen, Lee as the car guide,.相关的主题文章:


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