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"Billy Lynn" started China tour tour Taipei premiere entertainment Sohu Ang Lee hope "Billy – Lynn’s midfield" war "can narrow the distance between the audience and the more subjective movie director Ang Lee and starring Joe Alvin and Li Chun unveiled new Joe Alvin in an interview [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news" Billy – Lynn Ang Lee’s new midfield war "officially launched yesterday in Chinese tour itinerary, director Li Anxie starring Joe Alvin and Li Chun, with Taipei as the first stop Chinese publicity tour for the film, making potential. In the Chinese people enjoy high popularity of top international creative director Ang Lee, will premiere red carpet in Taipei on the traffic flow and the most intensive Taipei station, people and media gathered in Taipei appeared at the square in front of the station, the people of Taiwan to the new enthusiasm. Let rookie actor Joe Alvin also greatly. The premiere of Taiwan filmmakers creative talents and help out "Billy Lynn" the midfield war held in Taipei station before the premiere red carpet ceremony described as creative director Ang Lee and starring Joe Alvin and Li Chun were aboard a movie with a handsome car off site entrance, a commotion. Before the opening ceremony officially began, the film side also invited the beautiful cheerleaders to perform a wonderful opening performance, and the film in the middle of the game performances. The warm atmosphere of the scene to meet the creative crowd, a walk on the red carpet. The director Ang Lee bring film "Billy – Lynn’s midfield war" came to the Taipei premiere, in addition to the Ang Lee family to support, the film also invited many friends and family, and worked with the actors to witness his masterpiece. Guests include producer Xu Ligong, director Tsai Ming-Liang, screenwriter, and so on, and so on, and so on, such as the production of the film, such as the director of the film, such. The red carpet premiere ceremony host by Bowie Tseng, the film starring British actor and rookie Joe Alvin and Li Chun take the lead on the red carpet, then director Ang Lee appeared to premiere climax. The three were interviewed by the media in Asia, I hope the audience can savor the film. A creative interaction full of wit and humour filming the new movie a bit in the host asked questions, Li Chun did with Joe Alvin where to go, just smiled and said yesterday that no time to go out, but he plans to take Joe Alvin to sing KTV, night market, eat pig blood cake and Stinky tofu. The joke that it was like a whole he, Li Chun explained that like to shoot military drama, B class brothers are so each other each other the whole joke. When it comes to the training process, Joe – Alvin and Li Chun cried together before filming the three week military training is very painful, but to train a muscle, but the filming went back to the ordinary people figure. Ang Lee, director of the talk, in the "- Lynn – in the middle of the war," he wanted to "narrow the distance between the audience and the film, more subjective to see the film"." "I’m 62 years old and still growing up and want to grow with the audience." When asked about the difference between the different versions of the film, director Ang Lee described: "like a child with a high and short, 24 frames are re created, mainly to the story. 120 frame is a new technology, so that we feel the characters in front of the feeling." "相关的主题文章:


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