Big IP adaptation of the film and television in the process is often criticized by the original part superrecovery

IP adaptation of the film and television in the process of why is often criticized by the original party why a well-known IP, it is in the process of adaptation of the film and television, often subject to the party’s scale disease? Recently, reading group CEO Wu Wenhui, founding partner, kstngger media chairman Yang Wenhong, reading group general manager Yang Chen, vice president of the Shanghai platinum writer, the network Writers Association of Shanghai network audio-visual skeleton wizard guest 2016 season of "IP industry Salon", "IP and adaptation of mutual help" as the theme of discussion. Yang Wenhong said, grab a particularly large IP is a double-edged sword, how to develop IP good good, don’t let it become a fan of the opposite, this is very test of things. Some buyers do not see berserk IP Yang Wenhong pointed out that the current market of IP has reached a level of "IP looting, robbing a war, so the price is very high." In her view, there is no difference between IP and IP film and television drama, the former has bought a crowd based products, is standing on the shoulders of re creation". But she believes that as the real content, grab IP is just a beginning, not an end, but the mean follow-up work very much. Grab a big IP, it is actually a double-edged sword, IP development how do you good good, do not let it become your fans in these opposites, this is very test of things. When it comes to some well-known IP was adapted into a film often by the original party criticized the phenomenon, Yang Wenhong pointed out that when we grab the big IP, just heard the fame go to rob, some haven’t even seen. "But they bought later must put this a masterpiece done in a very short time, so will pick easy to approach and foundation, the original, this may this work builds the earliest fans identity point is not the same, will lead to the original party scale disease." To this end, she repeatedly stressed that the purchase of IP, we must first read, so it will be more respect for the original, will give it more cycles or more ideas. Yang Wenhong believes that the adaptation of the film and television drama to be loyal to the IP story itself, to meet the existing fans and attract non fans groups, do a good job in the system planning to tap the maximum value of IP. "We should make the text image. From the core of the story, it is actually a few. If you can not imagine landing, it is easy to vulgar." In this process, in addition to the plot, special effects, she believes that the actor’s role matching and acting is also an important element to support the film and television works. IP Value Mining short term to read the text group CEO Wu Wenhui pointed out that China’s IP industry is currently undergoing three changes. Ten years ago, the first network of literary works adapted to become a film and television works, the network literature began to cross-border derivatives. "Although the top works in the original authorization only hundreds of thousands, today it seems very little, but the means of these stories began to wider public entertainment users from the network core readers niche." Wu Wenhui said, when the work is still adapted to a one-way development, the sale of copyright based. Today, the IP industry has clearly entered the 2 era of content connection相关的主题文章:


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