BES group double eleven black technology service globalization and upgrading of power play running man 20130908

A double eleven black technology service group play double eleven in addition to upgrade power globalization is the price of the carnival, is also a test efficiency and service ability. Recently, the reporter was informed that the innovative integrated logistics service provider bes group (hereinafter referred to as the "best") has entered the eleven full operational status, from the Internet information system, with the development of positions across the country door to door service network, as well as the cross-border electricity supplier logistics services and other aspects of coping with exams. I said, in the field of automation and artificial intelligence, more logistics black technology will debut this year eleven. A cloud + network upgrade service warehouse Skynet fusion "new retail" double eleven online shopping carnival for consumers, can quickly receive "baby" consumers began to pay attention to from the single link. Just the end of the eighth world Alibaba double eleven Carnival ceremony, Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong said, "sales and channel reform towards logistics reform, which will lead to big data driven by consumer insight driven by flexible supply chain e-commerce platform based c2b." I think the new logistics system in the Internet era must contain "Skynet" and "network", namely the Internet information system consisting of data transmission and processing network, and warehouse distribution across the country one door to door service network. Is the best product supply chain and logistics solutions to two net organically. According to a briefing, as early as 2012 began to expand the depth of cooperation with the bes group, has "Yin" and "life on the left of the United States and other Internet brand group, launched in 2015 O2O" Yin + thousand city store "project, using the best" Skynet "big data transmission and processing, used throughout the country consists of warehousing, transportation and distribution network composed of the" net "and Yin line stores nearby, forming a unique distribution pattern. Less than a year, the man shop sales have exceeded 1 hundred million. This year, eleven double Yin man + line experience store will become a new consumer scene of its fans, as a supplement to the online shopping platform consumer experience. Some of the main long-term line, with thousands of stores and customers, BES double eleven will provide direct and online stores a single store delivery and other O2O services. "Network" in the best cloud warehouse network, will use its coverage of the 85 Center City, more than and 160 cloud storage and operation area of nearly 2 million square meters, in the double eleven providing warehouse with integrated services for more businesses, reduce intermediate links, reduce inventory, but also will greatly shorten the consumer goods time. It is reported that, at present the bes service of well-known brands at home and abroad has more than 300 customers, nearly a thousand SME customers, including a number of customers will participate in this year double eleven shopping carnival. The improvement of cross-border services help to buy global sell global held in Hongkong Tmall double eleven to start the ceremony, Tmall international general manager Liu Peng said, double the eleven Tmall international goal this year to become the first of more than 100 million RMB cross-border platform Chinese. It is reported that this year’s Double Tenth one hundred world Tmall will provide hundreds of international and cross-border brand to provide one-stop cross-border logistics solutions. A cloud warehouse (u.s..相关的主题文章:


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