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Who said you needed to study at a College or university to be.e a web developer? It would seem that the web is evolving at an alarming speed and that means there are more web developer jobs than ever. You may be under the misconception that all web developer jobs require you hold a degree of some sort. But this isn’t all you need and isn’t always the case as you will soon find out. High Requirements Take a look at some web developer job listings on a job search website a lot of them, youll notice have something along the lines of: Web Developer wanted with minimum 5 years experience Web Applications Developer with minimum 3 years experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash and Action script would be an advantage In case you didn’t realise, most of todays web developer jobs want you to have experience. Answer this question: If you just graduated university or college with a degree in Multimedia or .puter Science or whatever it is you have, does that mean you can go straight into a job after graduating? Absolutely not. Why? Well its apparent that you need experience, because if you just graduated that doesn’t mean that youre capable of doing the job. Being a web developer myself without any formal qualifications I was faced with this problem of not meeting the requirements of a lot of jobs, although I possessed a lot of web development skills which I taught myself from books, the inter. and other mediums. I used to apply for 40, maybe 50 jobs which wanted 4 or 5 years experience. Being a newbie to web development I had a lot to learn and a lot of smooth talking to do at interviews, which I somehow got with only having 3 years or so experience. Its all about how confident, creative and intelligent you are. If youre not confident that you can get the job, this negative energy will reflect on the way you present yourself. So if youre in the following situations: a) Dont hold a qualification but you are passionate about web development and have a little bit of experience (Freelance is a bonus). You dont have any projects to show for your talents, but you are able to undertake a test to prove your knowledge. or. b) You just graduated University or College and dont have any experience whatsoever, you can also undertake a test to showcase your talents. Of course holding a qualification is going to be an added bonus to getting interviews with potential employers this is good. You can show what you’ve learned but remember, the web is always evolving and the skills you learnt in your degree will be obsolete in a few months to years. A degree usually means youll get paid more in the job youre applying for but it doesn’t make you any smarter than another applicant who taught himself all he needs to know, in-fact he will probably know more than you do because he would always be evolving his skills. Get all of the experience you can, take every opportunity you can and always develop your skills and learn from other designers and coders mistakes and victories. Essentially a degree is a stepping stone to gaining experience, also not having a degree with experience is a stepping stone to obtaining a degree further on down the track if you want one. Get Your Own Experience My conclusion is that you dont need a degree to apply for web development jobs you just need to have an understanding of how the web works and how to apply your knowledge and skills to that principle. You will however, need to show off your skill set. The best way to do this is with either an online portfolio of work, lots of freelance clients or an absolutely mind blowing personal project. That way you’ve got plenty of great stuff to put in your covering letter and resume, before talking about it all at length during an interview. Unfortunately, with so many people going into higher education, a degree isn’t worth what it once was now that everyone seems to have one. 相关的主题文章:


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