Battle of Yichang hit the escalation character to the mystery (video)

"Battle of Yichang" hit the escalation mystery character to the battle of Yichang _23 Tencent entertainment news by the famous director Qi Xing Xu Jia, Lei Tong, directed by Yong Hou, Jordan Chan and Ray Lui starred in the epic war drama "battle of Yichang" is currently eight sets of CCTV broadcast hot. The war scenes drama because of its broad agitation and vivid characters, in the broadcast after they get a lot of viewers. It is reported that premiered on the same day that broke a subsequent broadcast ratings, ratings rose steadily, the media is more highly of the drama "respect for important events, historical drama P, penetrating performer". Hu Yisheng was in this mystery to a mystery drama feeling "battle of Yichang" with progressive and heavy depression, and finally turned into play potential reversal of the structure, makes the plot thrilling, surge high and sweep forward. In addition to the agitation of the grand war scenes, the play in the portrayal of the characters emotions are rich and delicate. Actor Hu Yisheng (Xu Jiashi) and Jiang Meiyun (Lei Tong), Simei (Xu Yuanyuan) and Ning Jingni (Chen ornaments) three heroines have emotional fetters. The play, Ning Jingni in his birthday that his father has been killed after the news of grief, but Hu Yisheng suspected his is the death of his father Ning Jingni and full of guilt, I do not know how to comfort each other, but can not tell her respected father almost made the battlefield soldiers fled. Hu Yisheng and the mystery of life and death can be solved between the father and Ning Jingni? Three female characters, one is smart and beautiful, can carry guns, sword battle juntong agents; a quirky, vigorous upright Tujia girl; the other is a resolute strong, soft with just a female medical. "Jagged tough guy Hu Yisheng to sing in the smoke of gunpowder in its growth trajectory, and how to clarify the play several female emotional entanglements, let the audience looking forward. It is worth mentioning that Ning Jingni played a corner of the, Hubei satellite TV is the new generation of the host, the play is her first electric shock, then she will have what kind of wonderful performance, please wait and see the audience. Jordan Chan cited the "curtain call" reluctant Yang Fan lost his wife arouses pity last night, Jordan Chan’s Zhu Ruo usher in a stage play the most important, although had played in Koga Ichiro’s coercion, but in Hu Yisheng and Jiang Meiyun’s appeal, and ultimately to the same as with the Japanese way of redemption. Netizen "dumplings 007" said, "although reluctant brother but this spring, is the best way to curtain call Zhu Ruo home". At the same time, the addition of a Hongkong actor who plays Ray Lui underground party members Yang Fan, that his wife died in the incident of bad news, but for the sake of the overall situation, had to be deep in the heart of his wife. Ray Lui played a classic TV drama image many deep meaning heavy, in addition to "Shanghai" in "Ding Li, and the sword", "the text Tai wood house" in the wood green. In this play, Ray Lui looked down the subtle changes between the frown, once again let the audience see him solid acting, her "heartache". The battle continued, and the famous battle of the western Hubei began…… Every night the eight sets of CCTV prime time "battle of Yichang",.相关的主题文章:


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