Baoji man upload pornographic video profit jailed for three years (video)-verbal jint

Baoji man to upload pornographic video profit reporter Gong Xudong was jailed for three years by the network of micro business, because business is bad, convenient for network dissemination of pornographic materials, and ultimately make their own chained and thrown into prison. Recently, the Fengxiang County Court tried to use the Internet to spread pornographic material for profit case, the defendant Wang for the spread of pornographic goods for profit crime, sentenced to three years, and fined 5000 yuan. Case playback in mid May of this year, the defendant Wang established the chat group, at first is to do micro’s wife publicity hometown specialty to help business, see no improvement, had transferred from other groups in the pornographic video sent to the group to enhance the popularity, the number of groups is increased a lot. Then he is moving from the brain, think through to the staff in the group received a red envelope money subsidy home, so Wang built a few groups, and set up a special charge group, constantly forwarding pornographic video and Xiangqun in charge, then charge several times by a group. In July 2nd, the defendant Wang re construction group, continue to spread pornographic video for profit, as of the incident into the group members of 273 people, the defendant Wang illegal profit 6237.32 yuan. The court heard the Fengxiang county court in the trial that the defendant Wang for the purpose of profit, the spread of pornographic materials, the circumstances are serious, its behavior has violated the provisions of the 363rd article of the criminal law of the People’s Republic of China, constitute the crime of spreading pornographic goods for profit. The defendant Wang after appearing in court truthfully confessed the crime, voluntarily pleaded guilty in court, and actively ill gotten gains, so a lighter punishment. Therefore, in accordance with the provisions of the 363rd, sixty-seventh, third, fifty-second and sixty-fourth provisions of the criminal law of the People’s Republic of China, the defendant sentenced the defendant to the crime of spreading pornographic materials for profit, sentenced to three years imprisonment, and fined 5000 yuan. The judge said the trial judge said that the defendant Wang in court confession in a profound warning. If you just use the network to do business properly, it may not touch the French Open, but he uses the convenience provided by the network, wantonly spread pornographic videos, pictures and words for profit, and the first group is still closed after the seizure of the hand, and finally paid the due price. This case tells us: cyberspace is beyond the law, the network must abide by the law under the internet! Note: video to expand reading women recruit girlfriends to become rich agents, online sales of pornographic videos were arrested

宝鸡男子上传淫秽视频牟利获刑三年本报记者 弓旭东原本靠网络做微商,却因生意差,便利用网络传播淫秽物品牟利,最终使自己锒铛入狱。近日,凤翔县法院审理了一起利用网络传播淫秽物品牟利案,被告人王某因传播淫秽物品牟利罪,被判有期徒刑三年,并处罚金 5000元。案件回放今年 5月中旬,被告人王某建立了聊天群,起初是为了帮助做微商的老婆宣传家乡特产,见生意没起色,就把从其他群里转来的淫秽视频发到群里提升人气,群人数的确增多了不少。于是他就动起了脑筋,想到可以通过向入群人员收红包的方式赚钱补贴家用,于是王某又新建了几个群,并专门设立了收费群,不断向群里转发淫秽视频并收费,后来收费群几次被封。 7月 2日,被告人王某又重新建群,继续传播淫秽视频牟利,截至案发入群会员 273人,被告人王某非法获利 6237.32元。法院审理 凤翔县法院在审理此案中认为,被告人王某以牟利为目的,传播淫秽物品,情节严重,其行为已触犯《中华人民共和国刑法》第三百六十三条之规定,构成传播淫秽物品牟利罪。被告人王某到案后能如实供述罪行,当庭自愿认罪,并积极退赃,故从轻处罚。故依照《中华人民共和国刑法》第三百六十三条、第六十七条第三款、第五十二条、第六十四条等之规定,判处被告人王某传播淫秽物品牟利罪,判处有期徒刑三年,并处罚金 5000元。法官说法审理此案的法官说,被告人王某在法庭上的忏悔言犹在耳,警示深刻。如果仅仅是利用网络做正当生意,那可能不会触碰法网,但他却利用网络提供的便利,大肆传播淫秽视频、图片和文字牟利,并在第一个群被查封后仍不收手,最终付出了应有的代价。这起案件告诉我们:网络空间绝非法外之地,网上网下均须守法!注:视频为扩展阅读 女子招闺蜜共同致富 做代理网上贩卖淫秽视频被抓相关的主题文章:


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