Autumn is getting stronger, Yang Mi plays the lead Di fat body missing (video) jinshen

Autumn is getting stronger, Yang Mi plays the lead Di fat body disappeared in the blink of an eye the summer has passed, some places have autumn gradually, brought a chill. It is the time to acquire new clothes, but there is a lot of star influx of people to go from the lower half of the missing line, in fact this as if not wearing under suction eye dress, is to show legs scheming out collocation Oh! As a street absolute ICON session, Wuli Yang Mi in various trends are walking in first, this is no exception. There is a pair of "bird legs" of her, the direct use of oversize style shirt as if two, basically not exposed or exposed only to a lower edge, the lower the sense of carrying out vacuum. Opening Ceremony blue green color Baseball Jacket inside a white T-shirt, long white T create a cool feeling of the lower part of the vacuum. Black and white color sweater a bunt shorts, arms Gucci Sylvie black handbag, anti season wear show legs. Yang Mi: the most suitable for downloading sweater wearing leopard print missing Style baseball cap, wearing red and black striped T-shirt skirt boyfriend wind, shoulder rivet Valentino black chain bag, diagonal Saint Laurent camouflage backpack, foot Golden Goose golden bright casual shoes. This popular course more than one person to catch up with the large power power, many domestic and foreign stars are playing very bad trendsetter, the most common collocation can be divided into the following ELLE, it will take you to see how everyone is wearing. 1 Oversize to create a profile that sweater sweater is a sense of high school and college students to wear clothes? Not only the tide or feel a sweater enough? You’re wrong. Now not only sweater Masamori, more popular is the bigger the better, the Vetements led the fashion brand will be brought into the tide of people s wardrobe, wide street sense, length 10 cm above the knee, and would not look attractive kitsch, have a healthy sex. Kim · Kardashian (Kim Kardashian) out of the street was shot. She was wearing orange letters printed long paragraph sweater, foot nude suede high-heeled sandals with a word, this dress let Kim sister plump is a lot. The Kardashian family are all get to the outfit. Kylie Jenner (Kylie Jenner) · wearing a green dress Wei, shoulder Givenchy black chain bag, black pointed high-heeled sandals with a foot out of the street. Rihanna (Rihanna) appeared on the streets. She wears her hair in the first explosion, from Vetements oversize Monogram embroidery sweater, handheld MCM green bag, black foot high shoes, very black out. Rita ora · (Rita Ora) ponytail, wearing black sunglasses, black letters long paragraph sweater, wearing red socks shoes street Vetements. Sweet girl Elle Fanning Ralph Lauren, wearing a long black sweater, sweater and profile with different approaches but equally satisfactory results, with Red gull相关的主题文章:


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