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UnCategorized B.o.Bs Airplanes lyrics, originally written by hip-hop artist Lupe Fiasco and transferred over to B.o.B, speak of the void that .es after all the fame and glamour fades away. Born as Bobby Ray Simmons, his rapper name B.o.B., according to the artist himself, is just short for Bobby. The song Airplanes is not his first big success, as the single Nothin on You, which featured Bruno Mars, put him on the national stage. The great success of the single prompted Atlantic records to push the release date an entire month ahead of schedule. If nothing else, the release of Airplanes immediately after Nothin on You proved B.o.B. wouldnt be a one-hit wonder. Airplanes featured Hayley Williams, the front woman for mainstream rocker band Paramore. Because Williams was touring with Paramore as B.o.B was recording, they were never in the same room together to record. As a matter of fact, they two artists first met at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards to perform the song together for the first time. After his huge single Airplanes hit the charts, B.o.B started rubbing elbows with bigger talent and performing at large venues, such as the BET Music Awards and the MTV Music Awards. He also opened for Eminem and Jay-Z. The Angels, a pub rock band in Australia that formed in the 1970s, stands as one of the more enduring rock bands around, enjoying long-term success from the 70s through the early 90s. The Angel lyrics are written by the band themselves. The band started when Doc Neeson joined with guitarist Nic Brewster, both of whom were attending the same university at around 1973. Doc Neeson, bass player and vocalist, is nicknamed The Mad Irishman for his infamously wild antics on- and off-stage. The Angels started off as a cover band that gradually came into writing original work. They were discovered by AC/DC member Angus Young, who brought them into the studio to produce their first big hit, Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again. Afterwards, The Angels started touring and opening for AC/DC. The band went through line-up changes every few years or so, yet this didnt stop the band from going strong until well into the 90s, when they released their first album to hit the first position on the Billboard charts, Beyond Salvation. Four top ten singles were born out of that album. After their next album Red Back Fever, the band went on hiatus due to band member pursuing solo careers and conflicts with the label. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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