After the alarm clock to sleep a return to sleep why sleep more difficult winfast

After the alarm clock to sleep a return to sleep why sleep more difficult? [Abstract] how to make use of the three "one minute" wake up from sleep quickly. A lot of people get up when the alarm clock will be set early, and then wake up to sleep after a sleep. But recently, the United States, "prevention" magazine pointed out that the alarm clock to wake up a few times before people wake up, but more sober. Alarm clock to disturb the normal sleep cycle. Alarm clock when the human body may be in a deep sleep period, when the brain is more tired, wake up is not too sober. After several times the alarm clock to get up, easily lead to poor sleep quality, and fall asleep again may not be able to complete a complete sleep cycle. So repeatedly, the human body does not complete the normal sleep cycle, there is a complete wake up after the possibility of not awake. Three "one minute" helps to recover from sleep. Experts pointed out that the "three minute", namely people wake up after lying in bed for a minute, and then wake up in bed on a minute, after getting up, legs sagging wait a minute, this is quickly from sleep awake good practice. Wake up and wait for a minute, this time can make the body and cerebral cortex gradually awake, so that the body after waking up in a state. If the brain cortex of the awake, but the human body has not yet awake may be weak. In addition, after getting up, because the human body blood pressure has not adjusted well, may be due to lack of blood supply and faint, especially some old people or the body is weak. The reaction of the human body needs a certain amount of time, when the body is not fully awake, the body’s protective response is poor, lack of blood supply, the brain may be in a transient state of ischemia. This is why a lot of people in the state did not fully awake the size of the possibility of fainting. In sleep, breathing, blood pressure and pulse, are at a relatively low state, the temperature will be higher than the normal lower 1~2 degrees Celsius, the body’s metabolism is low, this one minute can provide time for the body gradually returned to normal state. The body from lying down during sleep to sit, to get up after the stand, from all kinds of human body mechanism, from the sleep state has not yet been completely transformed, legs sagging moment, hands or activities, helps the body fully awake, to avoid some unexpected events.相关的主题文章:


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