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Sports-and-Recreation Metal airsoft electric rifles are top of the line airsoft guns that will give you many years of reliable performance. The Echo 1 M14 Metal AEG is one of the AEG airsoft guns that offer full metal construction along with a high muzzle velocity. This electric airsoft rifle has a high capacity magazine that is able to hold a fair amount of ammunition. With a holding capacity at 440 rounds, you will be able to fire the gun over an extended period of time without the need to reload. However, if you are a serious skirmisher, you will want to invest in an extra magazine. The action is both semi automatic as well as fully automatic. Of the AEG airsoft guns, this electric airsoft rifle is average in weight, weighing in at just over 7 1/2 pounds, and it has an overall length of 44 inches. This electric airsoft rifle incorporates a hop up which allows the shooter to dial in their ammunition, whether up close and personal, or reaching out to meet your enemy. The barrel is smooth bore, which makes the hop up all the more important. The sights are the standard blade and ramp style, and although this aeg rifle is not scopeable, the sights are very adequate. There is a manual safety on the gun and should always be in the safe mode when not in use. The Echo 1 M14 relies on an 8.4 volt NiMH 1600 mah rechargeable battery which is charged with a universal smart charger. The look of this airsoft rifle is very realistic and has even been known to fool military personnel, which makes keeping the orange tip on the gun of utmost importance. It is suggested that the gun only fire.2g or.25g ammunition, which it fires at an impressive 380 feet per second with the.2g ammunition. Upon firing, the gun produces a loudness factor of 3, which is just below the moderate range. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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