A man hiding nocturnal night in Hedong District warehouse even steal shops bloxorz

A man hiding nocturnal night in Hedong District warehouse even stole shops in September 12th morning, Hedong District a home city underground layer of a number of businesses found on the shop in the money lost, but the shop shops are intact. Rough estimate, stolen cash fifty thousand or sixty thousand yuan, as well as mobile phones, tablet PCs and other things iPad. Rushed to the scene investigation immediately after receiving the report of Criminal Investigation Brigade Hedong three. Through the retrieval of surveillance video home city, police found a man wearing a white T-shirt Man 11 suspicious appearance and movements, at 3 pm to enter the home city, and not into the store shopping, just hang out in the hall, until the home city closed shop after at 1 pm, the man once again appear in the in video surveillance. In the video, he repeatedly locked the steel wire lock gate opened a gap for their access to the shops. Accordingly, the police determined that the man is a suspect. In the process of investigation, the police found the criminal means of crime is very old, nocturnal hiding warehouse, the scene of the crime did not leave too much traces, but careful search in the police or the scene of the crime molecular footprints and biological samples. Through the biological samples collected at the scene, the police searched the system and found an effective information. This information shows that biological sample master Nguyen, Fujian, 2015 in a Nanjing Meikailong in the same way the theft was sentenced. In June this year from Beijing to Tianjin, after a period of time to stay in Tianjin. Police immediately aware of repeatedly committing the crime in this period of time is likely to be a fact, through cross validation, the police found in August of this year occurred in a district of Hongqiao city decoration theft is ruanmou for. After investigation, the police learned that ruanmou in September 18th by coach from Tianjin to Shandong city of Ji’nan Province, and a hotel stay near the JiNan Railway Station, Shandong police immediately to the police request support, September 19th 10 am, the rest of the hotel is ruanmou arrested.相关的主题文章:


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