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Travel-and-Leisure For the average Western tourist, Vietnam tours are deeply interesting not only because of the sights and sounds offered by this incredibly culturally rich country, but also because of all the tasty, scrumptious foodfrom the exotic to the more mundane fares. If you want to dive into the flavours and experience anything beside the now-.mon pho and bun cha, the side streets and alleys beckon, teeming with more flavourful goodies than any established, air-conditioned restaurant can offer. Sampling Ngo Trang Tiens Flavours If you happen to be in Hanoi, perhaps as part of your Vietnam tours package, it is easy to find Ngo Trang Tien Street. One end of this street opens to the famous Opera House while the other end runs to the back of the Hotel de lOpera, so finding it is relatively easy if you stay close to the said landmarks. Ngo Trang Tien is a narrow street, more like a back alley, lined with food stalls that offer an impressive array of dishes. The stallholders are famously friendly and very ac.modating, the prices are more than reasonable and the place .es truly alive around lunchtime. One crowd favourite is a dish called mien tronconsisting of cooked glass noodles or vermicelli, topped with fresh bean sprouts, deep-fried tofu, slices of tasty beef, and, of course, a sprinkle of peanuts. The Intoxicating Barbecue Chicken Street More intoxicating because of all that barbecue smoke (which makes the street easy to spotjust follow the plumes of smoke if you want to make a side-trip from your Vietnam tours package), the so-called barbecue street chicken on Ly Vhan Phuc street sells, well, deliciously and freshly barbecued chicken! If you dont speak a word of the local language, you can use hand or mimed signals: take a table, let the stall owners or the staff be.e aware of your presence, and once you know that they know, tap a thigh (to indicate you want chicken leg barbecue) or flap your arms like an awkward chicken mime (to indicate you prefer the wing part). Funny when you think about it, but then again, this is the finest Vietnamese street food, and here, its the norm. Usually, your order .es with baguettesa French legacythat are often flattened and .e toasted in honeythe result is a truly authentic taste. Getting your Fingers Greasy in Hoi An At least once during your Vietnam tours, you should visit the Hoi An central food hall. And for good reasoncorrection, for many, flavourful good reasons. The food hall is, as the names suggests, located at the very centre of the old towns food market, and as such, the dishes offered here are made with fresh raw, colourful ingredients. You will find practically everything that is popular in Vietnamese cuisine, including the ever-present pho, mi quang, and mien tron. Aside from its hustle and bustle and the fact that hundreds of diners simultaneously eat here, the hall is under high ceilings ensuring everything is .fortably aerated. It’s an experience not to be missed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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